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Empire Battle Wizards: now with herbs

There came a point - somewhere aroundabout the fourth Empire Battle Wizard - that I realised I was committed to producing one wizard for each of the eight lores of magic. To that end, the fourth wizard to get a spot in the cabinet is Ruprecht Grunwald of the Jade College: He’s hairy, he knows no bathing habits, and he uses dried plants to fix most problems, but if you called him a tree-hugging hippy he’d... he’d... ok he’d just shrug his acquiescence and offer you a puff on the Happy Pipe.* The prospect of being able to use any of the eight lores in a game is enticing, but to be honest, the main draw is getting to paint eight very different characters. One generic entry in the heroes section of an army list can spawn so much variety. This old Radagast model is quite chunky compared to the other models in GW’s Lord of the Rings range, so it fits perfectly among Warhammer models. He’d probably work just as well as an Amber wizard, but I have other plans for t

Liking it large

Greetings fellow bunker dwellers! ‘Tis I, Jeff, with a slightly different offering for you all. Today, I want to talk to you about how size matters to me. See for me, I always prefer as big as I can cram in. Huh? No, I’m talking about hordes in Warhammer. What else would I be... oh. Seriously though, I love large units in Warhammer, always have. Even in the dark days of the early nineties when a warhammer unit could be five Chaos Warriors and a “block” of fifteen Orcs looked sizeable I was never happy. These piddly small units never looked like regiments to me. They were five blokes out for a fight with a flag. The spectacle just wasn’t there. I remember, actually, the first time I saw Andy Chamber’s ancient Skaven army, all the bases done as cavern flooring rather than green sawdust, all the units dense blocks of ratmen. That, that right there, that was an army thought 10 year old me. Fast forward 24 years and I still think this. I still consider a unit of 15 to be me

Index Astartes

Hi Bunkerers and Bunkerettes, With the announcement of the new Space Marine codex I got a little bit excited about doing a new army. Now that my Dark Angels are up to about 2.5k I was feeling the green fatigue and was looking for something new. I decided, as with most things we do here at the Beard Bunker, to start with building a theme, a concept and a style. After a few discussions and changes of mind I came up with something, and it's slightly different to my normal thing. For a start there isn't going to be any tanks what so ever. Blasphemy I hear you cry. Well, be patient little Beardlings and all will be clarified. How? Well I shamelessly stole a concept from a Mister Mike Fogg, and wrote an Index Astartes. So, without further ado, I present the Sons of Rhea (pronounced Re-aah).                                                                 Index Astartes                                                                  Sons of Rhea Founding The Sons of Rhea