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Primaris Aggressors: silly yet potent

In today's post I'm going to talk about how I weathered my newly-painted primaris aggressors, and why I think people paint astartes' boots wrong (the hot take the internet's been waiting for, I'm sure you'll agree). But first, a rant.

The Need For Speed. Genestealer Cult #8 - Atalan Ridgerunners and Jackal Alphus

We have seen many aspects of the Genestealer Cult. The willing acolytes, the hideous xenomorphs, the cunning leaders. But one aspect has been left a little isolated 'till now, the Atalan Jackals were kinda on their own. Mercifully, no longer:

Plaster + foam = hill

Today on the Bunker: hills. The rocks. The rolling grassers. The loomy craggers. The swole risers. As mentioned in my last post on our new Fantasy campaign , one of Mark's last gifts to the Beard Bunker was to enhance our tattered old rocky outcrops. I had a lot of ground to cover in that post, so couldn't really go into it there, but since rocky outcrops are universally useful scenery I thought I'd expand on how these hills were made.

The Border Princes: a Warhammer Fantasy map campaign system

The Northern Border Princes map: normal style Credit: Charlie/Beard Bunker. Software used: Wonderdraft Would you like a map campaign supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Battle? Set in the Border Princes? For free? Because that's what's in this post. Of course, you could probably adapt these rules to a different game system with relative ease, so if nothing else it might be a source of ideas for those of you keen to play campaigns in 40K or some other system.

Knowledge is Power. Genestealer Cult #7 - Nexos; Clamavus & Sentinels

There is a lot that has to happen to push a cult into a revolution. You need weapons, training, leadership, and perhaps most critically, you need intelligence. No, not smarts although that helps, I'm talking the espionage type of Intelligence.