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The plastic pub I didn't paint for ten years

In June 2013, Mark and I undertook to convert the old Warhammer chapel into a more generic dwelling . The Beard Bunker's long-standing Bit of turning down the visual volume on GW's output has enjoyed the same consistency as Suella Braverman waking up on any given morning and deciding whether or not to be performatively inflammatory. The thing is we did all this work, then just one month   later, I painted my first Tabletop World buildings . My desire to paint GW Fantasy terrain died harder than a tapdancer in a minefield. Skip ahead ten years and I'm slowly gearing up to posthumously close out the story arc of Mark's Skaven army and their lordship over Hochland's one-time capital Hergig. I need buildings. Lots of buildings. Then I see this thing that we built together all those years ago, dust-addled and half-painted on the shelf next to much prettier Tabletop World stuff, and confronted with the bin or the brush, I chose the brush. Keen to make sure I just got it d

Lieutenant, Actually

Some may mock the volume of Primaris Lieutenants grunted out by Games Workshop, but variety of choice is rarely a bad thing. One might as well enjoy Marine Privilege if one can. Besides, we're still missing a Lieutenant in Gravis armour and a Lieutenant in Terminator plate,* so if there isn't a white and red helmet stripe in a pipeline somewhere, I'm Barbara Streisand. Today's particular lieutenant is my take on converting the Lieutenant with combi-weapon. The original is great, but it's also extremely specifically a Tyranid war veteran, and I wanted something that felt right in more contexts than that. Turns out, this is pretty doable with a spot of kitbashing and a small amount of sculpting. Even if you've not sculpted before it's probably doable, so today I'll quickly describe which bitz I used and how I did it. As is traditional, I'll also talk about how I've reinterpreted the datasheet lore-wise. The conversion The first order of business wa

The Swarm Has Arrived!

After months of effort, Charlie has finally completed his experimental co-op mode for Warhammer 40,000 where you and a friend (or you alone) can team up to fight against a non-player-controlled swarm of Tyranids.  He has, unsurprisingly, written a lot about it recently, with many many revisions of the rules and his fortnightly development blog posts over on Goonhammer, so I have volunteered to step up and write this announcement post and save him the decidedly unsettling (if you’re British) experience of having to write about his own work without being self-deprecating. If you just want to jump straight to the finished product, jump on over to Goonhammer where he’s sharing this supplement. Otherwise read on for a somewhat less biassed view of the game.  Obviously I’m still Charlie’s friend, the supplement is stuffed full of photos of my army and I’ve been supporting the project from its inception and even painted extra models just for this.  So, you know, I don’t exactly have Swiss l