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The Journal of Cara Thiele

The festive season has been sitting on my hobby productivity like a sumo on a kitten, but finally, have this: a slab of fictional endeavour. I've not tried to tell a story with a journal before, and it's pretty fudging different to writing your garden-variety prose, but for those of you willing to venture inward it'll hopefully provide some comedy charm. A brief reminder: Cara Thiele is my army's battle standard bearer, so obviously, what follows is her origin story. By the end of the story, she looks like this: Oh, also, this is intended to read like an edited collection of highlights (rather than a record of every single entry Cara wrote from 2253-2254). Journal (Property of Cara Thiele of Koerin, Hochland) 12 th Sigmarzeit 2522 I.C. I’ve come back home to Koerin for the first time in a year, and Papa told me he’d made something to celebrate my promotion. “Something to keep you safe,” he said when he bustled me into his workshop. Bit of an un

The Hochland Gazette [Issue 1]

Good morrow all! The last update on our little war in Hochland was in July, and rather unsurprisingly, an assload of stuff has occurred in the interim. To keep things fresh (so fresh) this post will present some of said happenings via the medium of bullet points, prose, and a fake newspaper. First, the bullet points. Like the written equivalent of those clips they play at the start of any given HBO series. Previously, in Hochland... - The Hochland state army laid siege to the de Crécy’s stronghold at Hovelhof and has kept them contained there for the last four months, despite several breakout attempts. Said breakout attempts were quite meaty. See below: Maisey observes his minions from behind the safety of Hovelhof's gate. - The Bittermoon Goblins still control a big chunk of the Drakwald and the Old Forest Road. - The Skaven still lurk in Hergig, apparently lurking for the sake of lurking. - Splendiferus the Magnificent has been hiding in the woods for mont