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The Hochland Gazette [Issue 2]

Almost a year ago, I wrote issue 1 of the Hochland Gazette. Mainly because I fancied a bit of a giggle. I've now written issue 2 in the wake of a particularly stupid battle between Maisey and I. You see, I accidentally won a 3,500-point game after a regiment of flagellants failed their frenzy check. Yes, really. If you want the 'authentic' medieval paper-reading experience, feel free to do so by clicking on the image above. If you're less of a masochist and/or gothic font fetishist, here is the legible version: THE HOCHLAND GAZETTE Published by Ernst Drucker & Sons of Tussenhof on 20 th Vorhexen 2255 I.C. Containing the surest news and firmest advice every Angestag & Aubentag [ Price: 4 shillings ] Fanatical cult slay zombie dragon! Gruyden village safe; Hochland’s army “on top form,” says Ludenhof.  The village of Gruyden, famed for having shrine to all the gods (old and new), has once again come under attack by the restless dead

Soopa speedy Imperial Guard paint scheme

As much as I’m not that keen on the current edition of 40K, our recent foray into Inquisitor means that my enthusiasm for the 40K mythos has crept back in, like a nervous and recently-evicted lover, scared that they’re only going to be inside the nice warm house for minutes rather than years. Part of this enthusiasm is contingent upon not being subjected to endless numbers of Spehs Mahreens. As such, I found myself contemplating the Imperial Guard (or Astra Vauxhaulius, depending on which bit of the Imperium you're from). Those of you with an elephant's memory may remember the test model . Finally, I’ve had a go at some more. Now, everyone who’s ever tried to make a Guard army will remember the slog. You need a lot of little plastic dudes. As usual, one must strike a balance between speed and quality... the speed in this case being less than two hours to paint a tank. The tracks were weathered with a light brown drybrush followed by Typhus Corrosion, because