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Samalut IX Campaign: the Raven Guards' report

Charlie: Today we have a guest post from Tom, the other player in the Samalut IX campaign. I understand he will also be posting in the comments section with his out-of-character thoughts on the campaign. If you enjoyed Jeff's after-action report from the Blood Angels , this is a chance to see things from the perspective of the Raven Guard. Commencing inter-legion bants in 5... 4... 3... 2... +++INCOMING TRANSMISSION+++ +++TRANSMITTED: Salamut IX; Achernar Sector +++RECEIVED: Deliverance; Segmentum Tempestus. +++DATE: 4.942.117.M42 +++TELEPATHIC DUCT: Adept Mae Zerbe; Sable Sword +++REF: RGV/ 4e978830e745 +++AUTHOR: Captain of the 5th Aremis Yiraka; Master of the Marches. +++DESTINATION: Kayvaan Shrike; Master of Shadows; Chapter Master of the Raven Guard. +++SUBJECT: Summary of learnings, Salamut IX intervention. The Sable Sword is currently en-route to Deliverance for a major refit as we have taken heavy damage.  The hull damage is only a minor inconvenie

Salamut IX Campaign: After Action Report

Jeff:  Get yourselves a lovely hot cup of tea, settle down and enjoy the tale of the campaign to save Salamut IX (Blood Angels point of view). Five days of gaming makes for a lengthy report. But I hope a fun read. I've put in the comments my thoughts on the experiance from a player's perspective so if you want to skip all the in character stuff and get to my thoughts, head comment-wards. Otherwise, I turn you over to Captain Ioannis Machiavi: +++INCOMING TRANSMISSION+++ +++TRANSMITTED:  Salamut IX; Achernar Sector +++RECEIVED:  Baal; Ultima Segmentum. +++DATE:  3.942.117.M42 +++TELEPATHIC DUCT:  Adept Maude Schumacher; Sabre of Baal +++REF:  BAIII/53616c616d7574 +++AUTHOR:  Captain of the 3rd Ioannis Machiavi; Master of Sacrifice. +++DESTINATION:  Commander Dante; Lord of the Host; Master of the Blood Angels; Regent of Imperium Nihilus. +++SUBJECT:  After-action report Salamut IX. +++THOUGHT:  By His blood are we made. In His name do we serve. Mas

Making an interactive campaign map

Charlie:  I just finished running a five-day 40k narrative campaign, because nothing says top-notch adulting like spending annual leave on an epic wargames bender. It was basically a roleplaying game where all the encounters were 40k battles. It was unclear to me if that would work in reality, but there was only one way to find out. I figured it was going alright when halfway through the campaign the players started saying things like, "when we do another one of these..." When I was figuring out how to run this thing, a concept that occurred early in the process was some sort of interactive map. The idea was that threats and situations would be highlighted on it, and the players would then decide which of their units to send to each of the engagements. Obviously that meant the players had to be able to interact with it, and I had to be able to change things on it as the enemy reacted. So then, today I'm going to go through three things: How I done made th

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your (daemon) engines!

Maisey: I know I have said this before, and I know I’ll be saying it again at some point in the future, but as of right now the Thousand Sons are done. Yes done. Completely. 100% totally farm fresh done. 5pm Friday afternoon type done. Take the turkey out of the oven because it’s done done. I’ve reached a very healthy 1750 pts worth of stuff. I was actually aiming at 1500 pts but I had a slight misunderstanding around the way 8th edition calculates points. So now being clear that nothing comes for free anymore I’ve arrived at 1750 pts. Which to me is a very solid core of a collection. It's always hard getting everything into a single photo, but you get the idea. The latest and last things added to the army, beyond what we’ve seen here before, is a huge pile of worthless cannon fodder glorious Cultists, 30 of them to be exact, more Tzaangor, a pair of Helbrutes, and a rather large Forgefiend. I do have some reasonings behind these choices. Introducing Nuterhek...