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A Thousand Sons

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster. Wait, that's not right. Let me try that again. As far back as I can remember, I always was drawn to the ambiguous elements of the 40k Universe. The gooder than good types never interested me, neither do that baddest of the bad. It could it be that these characters always felt a little obvious. No room for a little wiggle. I liked anything that was sat firmly in the shades of grey. It's one of the reasons the Dark Angels appealed to me with their tragic backstory and sometimes questionable loyalties. That and the iconography. Also the same with the Thousand Sons. Yes, they where a chaos faction, but their fall to chaos was not their strictly their own doing. Also the iconography and aesthetic. One day I'll do a post showing off all the Dark Angels at the same time as there are a lot of them, but there are a few posts back in the archive Here & Here if you are interested. However today is about the

Frostgrave: the Thaumaturgist's Warband

Maisey has been organising a four-player Frostgrave campaign of late, and the prospect of a wizard-centric spiritual successor to Mordheim was more than a little tempting. We decided we’d do this aaaages ago but as with so much last year, it never materialised. Well by Jove, 2017 remains the Year of Finishing, and thus have I finished another project: my Frostgrave warband. As such, I thought I’d wurble about my spell choices, my henchfolk selections, and a wee sprinkling of each character’s background. The initial warband I won’t be reviewing the game just yet; we’ve played a few skirmishes and they were great fun, but I’d like to have a full campaign under my belt before presuming to have an opinion of any relevance. THE WIZARD This is Ilandrin. He’s convinced that other wizards are irredeemably selfish muppets, and if they’re allowed to plunder the ruins of Felstad then the prevalence of destructive magical duels will inevitably worsen, catching the common folk

Storm Eagle - A Work In Progress: Part 1

Hello my little Beardlings, In my post last week I said that 2017 is going to be a year of getting things finished and I also went on to list out the unfinished projects that have been sat around waiting for some love, care, and attention. I also had set myself some deadlines, and as much as I love hearing the whooshing noise that deadlines make when they go past, I really am going to be firm with myself about sticking to them.  So, what's on the list for March? Maisey’s Hobby To Do 2017: - WFB: Ogre Scrap Launcher. Feb - Bolt Action: German Veteran Heer Grenadiers . Feb  - Frost Grave: Scenery - Gothic Buildings finishing + Finish remaining Tabletop world buildings. Feb - 40k: Charlie’s Storm Eagle - build and paint. Mar - Bolt Action: North African/Desert Board - source buildings and make scatter scenery/trench works etc. Apr - WFB: Vampires - Finish 35 Skeleton Unit, Maybe upgrade 25 Skeleton Units to 35’s?. May - WFB: Empire - have 30 slots in case. Bulk out line

Daffodils and Dust

We here at the bunker often talk about the hobby butterfly. Like the butterfly we are drawn, powerfully and inextricably toward something beautiful and all consuming. It takes over our hobby desire so completely. We throw ourselves into that project and immerse ourselves in its beautiful nectar. For a short while. Until we catch the alluring scent of the next bloom and we find ourselves floating towards that next shiny thing. So then what happens to all those forgotten flowers? All those neglected blooms? All those undercoated Orks? They sit on shelves, or packed into cardboard boxes stuffed under the stairs. They slowly gather dust, hoping for the day when they will feel the sweet caress of a brush and given their time in the sun. When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils I’m certain, if you are anything like me, this will be a familiar story. You will have those projects that started with such zeal only to wither and dry out like daffodils left on th