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Captain's Log II

Charlie: back in June, we had the first episode of the Captain's Log , Jon's journal of his travels in the Scyrian Expanse . In this episode, the flotilla takes its first leap out into the Expanse... I'll hand you over to Jon without further ado. The sub-sector map at the time of writing. EXTRACTS FROM THE JOURNAL OF LAIUS ORTANO Captain's log, star date 3.151.999.M41 Journal Entry: 787 After some minor shifts in gravity during our stay in the warp, Azaryah has translated us back into real space, on the outskirts of a binary star system. Our first step into the unknown expanse of the Scyrian sub-sector. Curiously, against statistical odds, our long range scans indicate signs of life dotted across multiple moons and planets. There are also mining opportunities available. Most are not in hospitable environments. However, there is a small moon orbiting a gas giant that has a livable environment and is rich with minerals. Another moon close-

Battlefleet Achernar grows (a bit)

Charlie:  Last week I revealed that  Necrons had cropped up in the Scyrian Expanse. To meet this new threat, Jon and Andy would need reinforcements, so I expanded the number of painted ships in Battlefleet Achernar from my effectively infinite supply of old BFG models. There is a particular joy in seeing a ship go from 'slap-happy brush fail' to ' ding! ' The expanded flotilla, with the  rogue trader cruiser  Zenith in the rear. I'm not claiming my BFG paint jobs are even in the same country as amazing , but good lord they're an improvement on their previous incarnations. I probably should've taken before and after pics... maybe next time? Dem boosters. As is customary in our campaign, every ship has its own background and captain. As some readers may recall, the players' ships even have fully fleshed-out bridge crew serving as the recurring background characters . This brings a bunch of faceless space ships to life, helping the stor

Tiny BFG Necron Fleet

Charlie:  Some time ago, I secretly acquired and painted some Necrons for the BFG/RPG hybrid story I'm playing with Jon and Andy . Jon isn't very familiar with 40K lore, which means he gets to discover Necrons much like the rest of us did when they first started appearing in 40K: one horrifying detail at a time. Andy, conversely, is extremely familiar with 40K lore, and thus when they discovered some seemingly inert metal pyramids in SCY-076 , an uninhabited system in the Scyrian Expanse , his face expressed the dread of a man who knows what's coming. Small yet potent, much like my first girlfriend Andy and Jon are both new to the game of  Battlefleet Gothic , and thus could not possibly have anticipated was just how ludicrous the Necrons are on the table. They're not unbeatable, but they're certainly not easy to deal with. Worse, they behave completely differently to every other faction Andy and Jon have encountered so far. I'll spare you all