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3000 points of Gobbos... WAAARGH!

Hi everybody! (Hi Doctor Jeff...) I have been remiss lately, it's true. My posts here have been few and far between. Truth be told, so was my personal hobby over the Christmas period. But not any more baby! I recently managed to fridge* out the last 70 goblins that were standing in the way of my original 3000 point list. Glory be, the basics are done. To celebrate this, I thought I'd have a bit of a photoshoot: *fridge(n): a beard bunker idiom for anything difficult done with great mindlessness and purpose. Just to get. It. Done. Like carrying a fridge up stairs. No I don't remember why... Now that is a heck of a lot of goblin. 220 of them to be precise and a bunch of spiders and monsters along for the ride. Now photographing this many gobbos is a real pain in the bum (more on that later) so I thought after the initial "impact" shot I'd break down the tribes. The Bitter Moons first: The Bitter Moons (named for an oriental LARP teahouse belonging

The Eighth Knight

Ways to maintain a high output of painted models no. 314: don’t buy a pimp-ass PC. Now, as you might be able to tell by the way the Beard Bunker produced half as many posts in 2014 as it did in 2012, I bought a pimp-ass PC. Woo spaceships woo. Now I’ve done very, very well at STARTING projects... just not so well with the finishing part. A few spearmen here, a few greatswords there. One thing that I have done, though, is to paint a new member of the Silver Drakes. Why have I done so? Because Erhard von RĂ¼diger is dead. If anyone who’s been following our campaign is remotely interested in the how and the why, leave a message in the comments section and I’ll go into it. Mostly, though, I figure the campaign story is only interesting to the people who are playing it. Now Mr von RĂ¼diger used to ride with the Inner Circle of the Silver Drakes, so his departure left a hole in the unit that needed filling. I’ve since filled it with a character who might one day become a hero but