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Children of Chaos - 40k Beastmen

Greetings fellow seekers after Primordial Truth, welcome to another Tainted Thursday. Today we are looking at a unit that kinda, sorta doesn't exist... ish.  These are an expanded unit of the Blackstone Fortress datasheet beastmen. I really wanted my Word Bearers to be a full-on "Chaos soup" with a wide variety of unit types and even species represented. So when I saw the datasheet for the beastmen and it said "unit size 4, only one of this unit can be used" I kinda went "huh". Wouldn't it be nice, thought I, if we were able to just say "sod that, I'm using multiples of the 4 all in one unit like every other datasheet and call it good". No sooner was that thought in my head than it's friend "wait, I only play with other narrative nutters, no-one will care" arrived. Having checked with the other bunker dwellers that this was indeed the case, I got on with the thorny problem of picking the right beastmen. Clearly the Black

Interview: a newbie starting out in 9th ed 40K

Osinell of Craftworld Iybraesil Two years ago I used two of my friends to test the theory that RPGs could be an effective gateway drug for tabletop wargames. You can read the original interview with Becs and Drew-Deece  here , but with the very scientifically rigorous sample size of 2, the answer appears to be yes. Albeit slowly, on account of an actual pandemic . Becs is painting her way through her Delaque gang as I write this. Drew not only painted up a gang to fight in our first  Necromunda  campaign, but also borrowed an undead army to participate in the  Border Princes campaign , and has now painted enough Craftworld Eldar that we've started playing 40K every Sunday (the UK is still very full of plague right now, but she's in our house's bubble). Words cannot express how good it's felt to put minis on terrain and throw dice, but that's by the by. I sat down with Drew to discuss how she's found getting into wargaming, and specifically 9th edition 40K. Her a

Rapturous Beasts - Venomcrawler and Raptors

 Greetings my cheeky chaotic cousins. Welcome to another Tainted Thursday and it's a doozy, we've got daemon engines (well, a daemon engine) and flying murderers aplenty so without further ado, lets get to it!

In covid world, models store you

Today I get to delve into the heady subject of model storage.  Isn't this exciting boys and girls, I hope you are all sitting comfortably as I'm going to begin. There comes a point in any hobbyists journey where they start to think: Hmmmmm, where am I going to store these models, all the cupboards in the kitchen are full and I'm not sure how the cold in the fridge will affect the glue? or: Right, the shoebox and tissue paper just isn't cutting it for my 6000 points of Eldar, how am I going to keep them all safe? The second one is not a lie, I've seen this.  Their excuse was that mini storage was too expensive! Generally however, this is when you start to wonder about how you are going to store your models.  It's something I've been making a few changes about with mine and our group has been asking a lot of questions so I thought I'd bring together everything I've worked out over the years and share it.  This is not everything there is on storage, and

The Grandfather's Tallymen - Plaguebearers of Nurgle

 Welcome, my fellow acolytes of the Unspeakable Powers, to this most Tainted of Thursdays. In fact, speaking of taint... can you smell that? And is that... chanting? Counting?

Tips on building Sector Imperialis terrain

If you've yet to really dig into the Sector Imperialis terrain, today's post will hopefully equip you with some useful knowledge. It will also serve as the start of a project log for my "modestly sized" Imperial chapel.

Cry Havoc!

When we think of Chaos, we usually think of them hurtling toward the enemy, eager rend with blade, tooth and claw. But there are those who give praise to the Dark Gods in other ways, those for whom the scream of the lascannon and the roar of the missile launcher are prayers. I speak, of course, of those who band together into the Havoc cults:

Cobalt Scions Chaplain

The Indomitus box mostly offered lovely sculpts that were thematically wrong for my army, but the Indomitus Chaplain jumped right into the category of DIS SPACE MAN PRETTY, PUT HIM RIGHT IN MY FACE PLEEZ. One eBay split later, the deed was done. Today's post is therefore a celebration of that most classic of 40K archetypes: a shouty bald man standing on a rock. It's a small rock, because he is a man of taste. A man of refinement. The sort of man you could take home to your Reclusiarch and who could hold his own in the inevitable bout of competitive xenophobia.

There's wrong, and there's wrong and then there's this...

 Why am I quoting Sin City? Well, something gribbly this way comes and yeah... it fits...