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Imperial Guard Mechanised Platoon

For many years now I've been feeling that 40K needed a major overhaul. The last few editions didn't go far enough for me, but as yet almost everything I've read about the new edition is encouraging, and thus my ancient love of 40K is stirring. Stirring like a kraken from the depths of my loins . Now I'm faced with a conundrum. Clearly this excitement demands that some stuff gets painted and, come release day, some 40K must be played. But there are two armies I could go for: my fledgling mechanised guard, or more speed freeks. I love both armies dearly and I'm too slow for both. Ultimately it'll probably be orks but I do love me some guard, so before diving into painting more kustom trukks, I made a point of at least finishing the platoon I started waaaay back in 2014. It's not that I'm a slow painter, it's that the river of 40K love really did run that dry. Let's face it, these guardsmen (and women, all two of them... good luck s

Hobby Brain Explosion

Today I would like to talk. About how Project Get Things Finished is going. About why I have butterfly brain. About how I react to creative urges when there is no outlet, or direction to them. Also about what I want from the hobby. Firstly, Project Get Things Finished. This is actually going well so far in the sense that things are getting finished. I can say that so far this year I have ticked the boxes on a Frost Grave warband, and the board and scenery for Frost Grave. I've finished off the few Tabletop world buildings that were sat ready and waiting for the love. Whilst we're talking about scenery I've also got a usable amount of scenery for my desert board as well as starting to clearing out of the backlog of my industrial scenery which should be all done this month. As for models, well we have finished off the Ogre Scrap Launcher that I never got around to, a bunch of German Veterans for Bolt Action, as well as a fairly large pile of Thousand Sons. Oh, and the Stor

Getting Your Just Deserts

This post is a bit of a two for one special offer this week. Firstly we have a rather large selection of photos of my finished desert board including a few with the 8th Army boys from before. The second part is a step by step of how I made the trees/scatter pieces for said board. If you want to get straight to the step by step feel free to just skip to the end. So here come the pictures. The buildings I got from  Timeline Miniatures  and the earthworks I picked up from  Red Dragon Gaming . The trees/scatter were scratch built as I'll show below. Tree Scatter Tutorial Now for the tutorial/explanation for the scatter pieces. I do have to state right out the gate that I've not really done anything like this before and I was kinda making it up as I went. Which, seeing how they turned out, is probably the best bit of advice I can share from this. Just give it a go and see what happens, even if it goes a little wrong it can always be fixed

Tabletop World Guard Tower

The rule for the Bunkerettes this year is simple: finish old projects, don't start new ones. I broke the rule. Oops. In my defence, there was a UK webstore selling Tabletop World's Guard Tower for a reasonable price, which meant no epic wait for the thing to come all the way from Croatia, and no chunky VAT charges. Furthermore, said UK retailer ( ) only had one left in stock. My sweaty little fingers could hardly whip out my credit card quickly enough. I know, I know... I've got problems. Having broken The Rule, it became a matter of honour that this 16" architectural wang should get painted damn fast. As soon as I finished my Frostgrave warband , I stuck to a rule of doing at least one stage on the tower every evening. This often meant spending only fifteen minutes painting, so I didn't get daunted by the hugeness of the building and just plugged away at it for a month in little bitesize chunks.  At last I finished,