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The obligation to invite everyone

I should've known it'd take space ships to lure me out of hobby hibernation. And  why  have I been painting space ships? Firstly, because the Battlefleet Gothic models are great. Secondly, because I'm about to embark upon a campaign which will be a 50-50 mix of wargame and roleplay. Like  Hornblower  in space, what with BFG always harking back to the Age of Sail. The Imperial patrol group. The players, Jon and Maisey, will each command one of the two capital ships. Naturally it's damn hard to photograph models on a black background, and a lot of the object source lighting simply doesn't show up in these photos, but oh well. I won't be talking about the paint job in this post.  Instead, I'll be talking about a social phenomenon that is by no means unique to wargaming: that when you hang out with a friend, there's no obligation to invite anyone else, but as soon as you invite two or three people, there's a sense that you haven't invi