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Empire Battle Wizards: now with headscarves

The lady in the image above is Elsa Gerhart, and she's the latest effort in my ongoing attempt to paint one wizard for every lore of magic. Previous entrants came with ovaries , bangles and herbs . As her semi-clandestine vibe suggests, she uses the Lore of Shadow. As such, I wanted her to be far less conspicuous than the other wizards. The Grey College is in the poor quarter in Altdorf, and it seemed appropriate to have a model that could vanish in a crowd. Other than her skin tone, everything on this model is drab, neutral, and generally hobo-tastic. Here's the above photo without all the Photoshoppery: Elsa is actually a level three wizard, and a fairly senior member of her college. Why she's come to Hochland remains unknown; indeed, most people probably don't even know she's there. The model is another Hasslefree sculpt, with one minor alteration: I sculpted a headscarf on. You can see the original sculpt here . There'

Because, we shoot to kill and you know we always will

It's a Bomber! It's a Bomber! It's a Bomber! Ahem, Thanks Lemmy.  Hello all. It’s been a while since I last stuck anything up on the Bunker. I have been doing hobby stuff (I promise) but I've been very remiss about turning it into posts here. So, to prevent Charlie and others propping up the bunker on their own; I've decided to stick some of my stuff up. One of the reasons that I haven’t posted for a while is because I've spent a lot of my hobby time working on a major project that isn't yet complete. My original plan was to post once the project was complete… However, that would be a very long post and the project is still a long way from being finished. So, this is a ‘progress so far post’, done in a slightly retrospective manner. My interest in 40K has taken a pretty savage nose dive since the *arbitrary* new *moronic* 6 th edition *inconsistent* rules came in. I hate the current 40K rules and I may put up a whining post

We'll Keep Da Red Hood Flappin' Here

If there is one thing I love most about campaign gaming, it is the daft side plots that develop. The unit champions that seem to be invulnerable. The characters that don't get on and never seem to pass leadership tests while fielded together. Sometimes it's just memes and in-jokes that take on a life of their own. The Popular Goblins' Front are one of these that has not only taken on a life of their own but are actively expanding almost beyond our control: It'll never heal if you picket... This all started during a game where Charlie and I combined our respective goblin hordes: my (mostly) competent Bitter Moons and the collection of incompetence and infighting called the Bloo Moons. During deployment I assigned Joodee the Shaman to a regiment of Bloo Moons with a certain degree of trepidation. I was right to be worried. After taking the bare minimum of casualties to justify their fleeing (25% break test from shooting) they turned tail and fled. Taking my shaman

Interior decorating for tiny people

Some time ago I posted a review of Tabletop World’s townhouse and cottage : In the eight months between then and now, the interior detail (not to mention the little bits of resin furniture) sat on my shelf looking sad. As much as they all looked very pretty, I didn’t have any impetus to finish them. It’s not like you need a cheese board for games of Warhammer . Moreover, having the interior detail didn't seem that useful for roleplay scenarios; I only tend to want a visual representation of the area when the environment or number of characters is too complex to keep track of in the mind’s eye... and that seems unlikely to happen in a one-room cottage. Once I started painting the interiors, though, I got really into it. Given the sharpness and quality of the models, it was easy to get a satisfying result using pretty basic techniques. First up, here’s the inside of the cottage: Somewhat ridiculously, there was a point where I found myself paint