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The Hobby Immersion Multiplier

Today I have the unenviable task of writing the first post after Mark's posthumous blog , so I'll open by saying the response to it from the community, both on social media and in our own comments section, has been overwhelming. It was linked to by all sorts of people, including  Aaron Dembski-Bowden and, in a touching move that resulted in one of the Beard Bunker crew quietly sobbing on a bus, the post was featured as one of the Elite Choices in Episode 196 of the Independent Characters podcast . As a long time listener to the ICs, hearing the guys talk about what Mark had to say was a trip, and an affirming one at that. Between that lovely tribute and the many other comments we got, there are two possibilities: one, that it was a funny, informative and moving collection of thoughts, or two, that people love a joke at Coldplay's expense. Either way, it's given us some comfort. Thanks once again to everyone who dropped by. We got to thinking about what on Earth o

Totally Worth It

Charlie: Don't be fooled by my name and photo above; this is Mark's final post, as promised in our farewell to him last week ( click here for that ). Only Mark could've made a post about his own impending death this humorous. It's about the hobby from the perspective of a dying man, and since we're all mortal, this seems relevant to all of us. I'd like to spin this intro out for longer, because  I keep feeling like just one more sentence might convey the sense of bewilderment and sadness here at the Beard Bunker, but I already said my piece last week, and this is Mark's post, not mine. Without further ado, here it is. You, sir, are metal. Mark : This will (hopefully) be the Beard Bunker’s first post from beyond the grave. If you are reading this, I am dead.* Deader than a can of spam. Deader than the moshpit at a Coldplay gig. I imagine that the Beard Bunker personnel will be keen to keep this as the last postmortem post for a while, probably for