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Pride of Kessarine! (includes Victoria Miniatures Imperial Guard review)

After too long an absence dear bunker dwellers, I return and bring with me the proud sons and daughters of fair Kessarine! Way back in October I introduced my latest venture with the first warriors from the sands. Well, since then I've not been idle... I've just not been blogging. So today we'll meet the rest of C-Company and soon their officer corps with a bit more delicious Kessarine lore. These three squads bring C-Company to five squads split across its two platoons. In the fullness of time there'll be a sixth squad to fill up the battleline thing and to have two platoons of 30 which will feel nicely satisfying. We also see the first non-missile launcher amongst their number, a relic of lost lamented veteran squad accuracy. But it does mean it's an excellent opportunity to talk heavy weapons because if you want to use third party minis you're going to have to figure those out. Lets start with the easiest, the mortars are an easy squad to make. Just use lasg

New Scouts Who Dis?

As I said in my article about the new “Assault Intercessors with Jump Packs” , “Back before all this Primaris stuff brought the tacti-cool Phobos with it, the Raven Guard were all about two things, Scouts and Assault Marines.”  When GW announced the Primaris version of both of these at the same time, I got quite excited.  The fact that GW were painting them in Raven Guard colours on the box really wasn’t helping my chill. Puberty finally hits Billy Birdman. New scale comparison. Specific rules for Raven Guard have varied, but certainly at one point I could have Assault Marines as Troops (when such things mattered) as long as I had at least one unit of Scouts.  It has always been a core part of their lore that they use a lot of Scouts, both because their numbers are perpetually low (insert your choice of reasoning here) and because, for a long time Scouts were the only stealth troops available in Marine armies.  Certainly in my Firstborn army I went hard on Scouts.  All done I had 36 Sc

Double Guard mini Narrative

The thin green line faced off against the endless red hoard in this mini narrative campaign.  As with any great Imperial Guard tale it involved big tanks grinding and horrendous casualties.