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K'Daai Destroyer conversion

Quoth an anonymous comment left on the blog nine days ago: “The K’Daai Destroyer looks amazing! Do you have some better pics of the guy?” The model he’s talking about is the monster that scared the general of my Middenheim army off the table in turn one of the Bunker’s first ever battle report . Ask, and you shall receive: John converted and painted this pretty little princess for his Chaos Dwarf army, and in classic John fashion, he called it Mary, after his grandmother (“she didn’t put up with any crap”). The model is essentially a kitbash of the plastic Balrog and the Balewind Vortex (one of the arcane fulcrums in the Warhammer scenery range). It’s been said that John’s not afraid to go off-piste now and again. Other examples (of which I’m lacking photos) include Stompy the Treeman, who was made of about five citadel trees and like four kilos of greenstuff (slight exaggeration) and Precious, the Brettonian Drag-Damsel whose haircut, in the tradition of all the m

Lights, Camera, Bolt Action

Good whatever time of the day it is when you read this to you! Fellow Bunkerer Em and I have been taking our relationship to a new level and have been experimenting together. Pushing out into pastures new and trying out things neither of us have considered before. We want to share with you what we have been getting up to. We've been playing some Bolt Action by Warlord Games. Normally we're strictly into Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy by Games Workshop. We've both been very happy with these games and have many memorable memories collecting and playing them. Both get the creative juices flowing by giving us a massive world/galaxy in which to indulge our every sordid whim. Between them they cover our need for shooty space alien death explosions and brave undead knights saving hairy monsters from ravenous damsels. So you might be asking why have we branched out into historical wargaming? This would be a fair question. Let's give a couple of reasons why we are giv

A missed opportunity

We recently had a gaming weekend here in the Beard Bunker, during which I ran two scenarios for our Fantasy campaign. I’ll do a proper story update some time when I have more pretty pictures to accompany the text, but that’s not why I’m here today. Instead, I’m going to talk about something which, had I done it, probably would have been totally sweet . Why didn’t I do it? Because I had a lapse in concentration at a crucial moment. Gutted. But first, here: have a random thing I used to upset Hafnir Stormbourne . GRIBBLES! This fella is Gulavhar from GW’s LOTR range; he was used as the thing that lurked in the depths below Karak Hoch. It was a spin on the ol’ Dwarfs vs. Balrog concept, the spin being that this guy can string a sentence together, and had an agenda beyond ‘BURN IT WITH FIRE.’ I spent hours and hours filing, scraping, cleaning, sculpting over the joins in the metal components, pinning the wings, and converting the base to blend the rock stack into the ground