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Puds the Ogre

Regiments of Empire Free Company seem like the perfect opportunity to have some slightly bonkers models sharing a movement tray. They aren’t members of the military, they don’t have to have uniforms, and they don’t all have to be human. This here dreamy princess is an ogre known to his friends as ‘Puds’ (short for Puddings). He’s got a bit of a sweet tooth. He’s effectively unit filler – taking the place of four free company dudes – and was an excuse to have a go at painting a model I’d never painted before. Mmmm, crusty blood. Whilst I like elements of the ogre sculpt (the trousers and the mongolian boots are rather charming) the shoulders just look wrong. They’re crazy angular, and have really obvious joins. On top of that, the muscle definition is... enthusiastic. Well, if you don't like something, why not change it? The shoulders got rounded off and shaved down a little before the putty went on. I also added a full head of hair, since I figured no

Empire Battle Wizards: now with bangles

As previously mentioned , I'm slowly painting one Empire battle wizard from each of the eight lores of magic. This time, it's an Amber Wizard: Febe Hasenkamp. The colour scheme might not seem particularly suitable for a member of the Amber College. That's deliberate; Febe's too cheerful a character to wear nothing but brown, and she doesn't like people being able to tell she's a wizard just by looking at her. People are less friendly when they know you're a magic user. In case you're wondering, the model (like Cara ) is from Hasslefree Miniatures . The original model was a bit more saucy: That was a bit too fruity for the character I had in mind, so I sculpted bonus clothes. It took me a while to find a colour scheme I was ok with. At first I was going for ginger hair, and a more traditional amber/brown palette, but it just wasn't working. Likewise, her dress was originally a pale yellow, and that didn't work either. In