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Battlefork Goffic

We’re not dead! Two and a half years of weekly posting followed by almost two months of total silence... it probably seemed a bit out of sorts. And, perhaps, that’s because things were out of sorts (we all have our moments). But don't worry, this post isn’t about deep emotional stuff, it’s about orcs, and paint, and, and... spaceships. Yeah that’s right. Spaceships. Some of you will never have heard of Battlefleet Gothic , whereas some of you will, quite rightly, know it as Games Workshop’s Most Awesome Game . There may be people with other opinions, but they’re wrong. It’s been years since I played BFG properly, mainly because there ain’t that many folks who realise that it’s the best game ever, and moreover it’s bloody hard to buy something that’s been out of print for ten years. That eBay still features over 160 listings for the game in the UK, though, speaks to its longevity. Anyway my housemate Jon and I have been checking it out. Overcome with enthusiasm,