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40K Universe Resources

Automated 40K Crusade roster
A Google Sheet formatted for smartphone use that tracks everything you need in 40K Crusade games. Features an Order of Battle that lets you tick/untick units to quickly add up the points/power level of your forces prior to a game.

Originally produced for, this project was produced over six months of constant playtesting both by the Beard Bunker and volunteers from around the wargaming community. It's a full supplement for Warhammer 40,000 enabling co-operative and solo battles against the Tyranids. You can play standalone battles, and perhaps more importantly it's got a full (but easy) campaign system.

House Rules for 9th edition 40K
40K's good, but it ain't perfect, and that will remain true even after you check out our house rules. That said, they'll definitely help with Crusade. Among other things.

This post introduces one of our biggest projects: two whole sectors of space, complete with interactive map and wiki. You're quite right, we are nuts. Includes downloadable high-res art from the star chart.

Struggling to come up with a compelling agent of the Inquisition for a roleplay? This guide is here to help.

Who wouldn't want a series of tables to procedurally generate names for your warboss, his pets and runts, and even his favourite hobbies? Probably most people wouldn't, TBF, but that didn't stop me.

Fantasy Universe Resources

A downloadable 8th edition Warhammer campaign ruleset complete with a map, digital counters, and full rules for different factions and territories. The system has been designed to be light on in-game effects to keep things simple and prevent snowballing.

We've found these minimalist house rules curb some of what for us were the bigger issues with 8th edition fantasy.