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2013: A Year of Nerdery - Part 2

The last post was all about Maisey and Jeff showing off what they painted last year. Well this post is all about me showing off what I should’ve painted in 2012. That’s right, I’ve finally finished the 2k army that was meant to be finished a year ago. Who da man...? ...Never mind. Here’s two thousand points of Hochlanders: At the start of 2013, I had 37 models left to paint before the Blades of Taal and the Flagellants were finished. The flagellants were featured in Cult-o-Matic 9000 , whilst the Blades were finished about a week ago: Actually, looking back at what you’ve done over the last year can be quite surprising. At any given moment, I generally feel like everyone else is achieving more than me, but it turns out, I made a fair bit in 2013, it just wasn’t army-shaped; there were random side projects - things painted for one-off scenarios and suchlike. And, of course, I added a battle standard and a jade wizard to the Hochlanders. And actu

2013: A Year of Nerdery - Part1

So 2013 is over, 2014 has begun. So what did we all do in 2013 and what do we want to do in 2014? Maisey: Well, it started off kinda busy, with a massive painting effort to get my Dark Angels up to 2k for the Nerd Thunder event. Then I went a bit further with them, and they ended the year at a respectable 2.4K of stuff. Which isn't too bad since I haven't touched them since March. The middle of the year was a bit of a hobby drought for me. There was some mild flings with Dark Eldar (I really shouldn't have painted them yellow) and some more Space Marines (I think I've had my fill of power armour, for now) but neither really took off for me and have been shelved. The Vampires, well we all know that they have been growing fairly fast and the back end of the year I kicked back into gear. I managed to actually finish off a bunch of units and gather in the next lot of dead things. I finished the year at a tasty 4.5k of Vampires.   Also,

Drag Queens and Sprue Trebuchets

Due to popular request ('popular' meaning one person asked, and I'm a pushover ) today's post brings you something special. Something dreamy. Something that tried to apply make-up atop a galloping love pony. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Precious, the Brettonian Drag Damsel! Frequent readers may remember Mary, John's K'Daai Destroyer . Well, this is one of his more eccentric creations. Some of you may be wondering why John felt the need to create a Brettonian Drag Queen (others may have thought 'why not?') and amazingly, there's actually a perfectly good reason. Many moons ago - indeed, at the very beginning of this blog, in January 2012 - I wrote: "John bounced up to me with the sort of childish glee that only a burly, six-foot Kung Fu teacher can, and asked if I’d team up with him to take part in GW Oxford’s doubles tournament on 7th February. Each entrant was allowed to use the contents of any one Warhammer Battalion box.&quo

Ermagahd, snowy trees!

I've had a snow board for ages. It's very nice. Didn't have any scenery for it... until now. Behold, the trees of alpine delight: What the whole tree-buying experience taught me is that oh dear sweet Hasselhoff do you need a lot of trees to cover a table. It might not look like it, but there's over forty in that photo, and I really haven't covered much of the board. As much as one answer would be to buy even more trees, my bank balance would probably start looking squiffy. Next on the hit list will be the edges of some mountain slopes, along with some rocky outcrops, so as to make this board look like the mountainous region it needs to be. In case you're wondering, the trees are by Bachmann Scene Scapes. The biggest of them are about 11" tall. I got them off ebay for about £3 per big tree, which is a pretty sweet price compared to some other big manufacturers. Of course, when you're buying forty trees, that racks up quickly.