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Brain Juice & The Mojo Meter

//Authors Edit: This was going to be a quick 'Hi, I've not posted in a little while. It turned into something else. Please keep reading and share your thoughts on the subject.  Sexy Marines are Sexy

Heavy Metal. Genestealer Cult #11 - Goliaths and Rockgrinder

One of things I love about playing as a Genestealer Cult is the insurgent feel. You aren't using too many military things, you're bodging together weapons and turning tools into instruments of destruction. Well, there isn't any bodged together instrument of destruction more destructive than this bad boy. Behold the Rockgrinder and despair!

Leaders of the Pack. Genestealer Cult #10 - Magos, Abominant and Iconward.

It has been noted that I have something of a completionist impulse... the fact that I nearly own all of the available figures for the Genestealer Cult range maaaay have led to buying some more (and will almost certainly lead to me getting a Locus and a Kelermorph at some point) and among them was the technically unnecessary but oh-so-pretty new Magos:

Cobalt Scions primaris captain conversion

This week's post is about the captain I converted for my primaris marines: Martellus Lucullus of the  Cobalt Scions ' Third Company. I'll start with how I went about the converting and painting, then take a deep dive into the background for Lucullus and his chapter. Fair warning, it's... a seriously deep dive. I got excited. So much smouldering intensity .