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Captain’s Log I

After months of preparation, the new Battlefleet Gothic campaign is underway! Andy and Jon have begun their exploration of the Scyrian Expanse, an uncharted sub-sector at the edge of the Achernar Sector  (that's the sector we Bunker dwellers made up as a backdrop for most of our games/stories, like the Daniverse or the Calixis Sector ... feel free to suggest an appropriately irreverent name in the comments section). As with other recent campaigns, we're keeping track of everything using a wiki. As they explore strange new worlds and stranger civilisations, or boldly go where no rogue trader has gone before, new entries will appear on the sub-sector wiki page . Below is a star chart of the Expanse. Most sub-sectors only have ten(ish) useful star systems in them, so you can infer from this map that space is big, and it's up to the players to find the good stuff. Jon is playing Captain Laius Ortano, the commodore of the Imperial Navy flotilla. Andy is playing

Blood Angels 3rd Company (ish)

Greetings Bunker Dwellers! Unless you have been living under a rock, blindfolded, with noise cancelling headphones and singing an old timey sea shanty, you will have noticed that a new edition of Warhammer 40,000 is upon us! With it has come something of an upswing in enthusiasm for the bolter-flavoured version of Warhammer among our little band. You see, the previous edition of 40k, (while I am sure was fine for many, if not most) had for one reason or another all but killed 40k as a game among us Beard Bunker-ers, it just wasn't an enjoyable experience for us. The more we heard about the new version, the more excited we became and now... it's here! Knowing that I was going to be looking back at some older projects with a view to sprucing them up and getting them all new-40k-ified, it suddenly struck me that some of them are of sufficient vintage that I haven't really shown them here practically at all. As a result I have resolved to reintroduce some older-but-still-good

Preparing Narrative Games

There are some skills that can never be perfected, only improved. Among these is the skill of running a narrative game. I ’ ve been at it for decades now, probably since before I could spell the word narrative (nailed it last Tuesday) and certainly before I learned ‘ denouement ’ (which I learned by googling it just now; totally thought I could spell it, but auto-correct showed me otherwise). To cut the B allistic S kill : I make no claim to being a master. With that out of the way … Last October I finished a long-running Battlefleet Gothic campaign, and two Beard Bunker readers (MajorTheRed and Malcus the Defiler) asked to know more about how I prepared it. Hopefully by answering that question, this post will prove useful reading for budding GMs curious about running their own narrative campaigns, as opposed to the matched play that so often dominates wargaming. Urr nurr! Spehs urks! Is rusty trubbles. Thing number one: what ’ s the conflict? All stories need c

Scarab Occult & Tzaangors

It can't have escaped anyone's attention by now that the new edition of 40k is nigh. This is rather exciting news and the steady drip of information coming out each day is only causing further excitement. So in order to avoid the hobby equivalent of blue balls we have all found ourselves getting stuck into some painting to satisfy that particular itch. I've got stuck into more of the Thousands Sons models. The Scarab Occult Terminators are now done, in the same method as the  Rubric Marines                                            The other main troops unit was a blob of Tzaangors, which are Tzeentch tainted beastmen. These are painted a little bit different to the Thousand Son legionnaires. The metal work is intended to look much newer, but keeping the same red touches to tie them in.  So with these I've nearly finished all the Thousand Sons stuff that I own. I have been lusting over the new Forgeworld Dreadnought thing that I