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In Death, Redemption

One of the most enduring and interesting things about the Blood Angels is their flaw, the terrible Black Rage that dwells within them. As a result of their having to use the preserved blood of their dead Primarch and the Primarch's ability to store their memories genetically, the Blood Angels that succumb to the Rage find themselves reliving Sanguinius' terrible last hours. Rather than let them slide into degredation, the Blood Angels mark those taken by the Black Rage out with black armour and the red saltires of Sanguinius' wounding and let them throw themselves into battle. Within my army there are already 5 jump pack Death Company marines and these 10 bring it up to quite a lot of them for a single company. I'm justifying this lore-wise by the fact that my Captain is apparently the Master of Sacrifice, a nebulously defined role that I've chosen to mean: Finds opportunities to spend the lives of the afflicted. The 3rd Company are on a constant war footing to

Build a Bigger Choppa...

And the Orks will beat a path to your door.   A bit ago , Geoff said that he was about to make a Chinork for the Special Ork Service. As luck would have it… this is something I’ve done recently for my own nefarious purposes, and here is its journey from bits to hits.. Or something.   Now, other than the joy of having my own unique thing, why would I bother scratch building it when Forgeworld make one?   This one in fact .   Trouble is… I don’t particularly like the Forgeworld model.. For me, it looks too tall, too bulky and it doesn’t ‘feel’ like it could fly.   The ‘feel’ of a model is an important thing for me. Whilst a model (particularly an Ork one) doesn’t necessarily need to have all the bits that would make it function, it does have to look like it would or could work. My biggest problem with the FW Chinork is that it looks like the chain drive (running from the rear mounted engine to the front mounted rotor) would bend the vehicle i

RPGs: wargaming's gateway drug?

Here's one way to get more of your friends into gaming with miniatures: get them hooked on RPGs first. This may well be old knowledge, but I'm new to it. Two friends, Becs and Drew, have been helping Jeff and I test our new RPG ("wait, you wrote an entire roleplaying game?" ...yes we did, check out last month's post ). Having never played an RPG before they were both soon enthralled and taking any opportunity to roleplay in any setting. This soon led to playing Inquisitor (or rather, our stripped down version of it, because the original game was ambitious yet clunky). They were enthralled by the macabre dystopian madness of the 40K mythos. Thus, when Jeff said he'd run a game of Deathwatch , they both jumped on it. Just one complication: Deathwatch uses miniatures. My latest Deathwatch mini: Brother-Sergeant Elias. More on him another time. Rather than being put off, they were keen to give it a punt. They split the cost of a Deathwatch box with Ja