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...from the Bloodied Sands of the Arena

As Jeff talked about in an earlier post on the fantastic Pirate Viking Painting ( Found Here ) some of the Beard Bunker Dwellers are going to be working on small Dark Eldar skirmish armies this year. As a result of my fairly emphatic army builds last year, my hobby has been fairly slow this year, just some sedate work on my Dark Angels. However, I've finally found me some hobby juice in the Dark Eldar project. The idea has been slowly simmering away in the back of my brain to do a Wych Cult army based around the grand gladiator arenas of Commorragh. Here are the first few models of the main Wyches unit. I've gone for an uncharacteristically bright colour scheme. For both me and the Dark Eldar bright colours are something we just don't get on with. However I wanted to, as a painter, try something outside of my normal repertoire. As for the background for the army, well these people are performers. Sure they are murderous, callous, and very dang

De-skulling the Warhammer Chapel

Nothing gets my procrastination reflexes going like DIY, and as such, it seems a little odd that I’ll happily spend hours fitting a nice bay window onto the front of a little plastic building. There’s clearly something wrong with me. And why was I putting a different window onto the front of the Empire Chapel kit? Because the original carvings are a) too ecclesiastical for anything other than a chapel, and b) too distinctive to be adorning the front of more than one building in a scenery collection. Witness the difference:     The window itself was made by splicing together two of the tall thin windows you get in (I think) the Watchtower set. Yay razorsaw! My secondary objective was to reduce the number of skull-filled windows on the chapel kit, since I wanted this building to be more of a generic dwelling. If you’re wandering why I wanted to do that, then clearly the phrase ‘skull-filled windows’ doesn’t have quite the same effect on you as it does on someone witho

Bad day on the Old Forest Road

The following account is excerted from the papers of Hochland intelligence gathering reporting to Aldebrand Ludenhof, Elector of Hochland, and concern the events of June 7th of this year. As you will know my Lord, Goblin activity in Hochland is no longer confined to the Eastern reaches. There has been a troubling increase in reported attacks along the Old Forest Road. To this end Captain Oscar Brandt was dispatched to bring these filth to heel and open vital lines of communication between Fort Schippel and Bergsberg. Our assumption was that the tribes operating in this area would be the same incompetant scum seen along the Eastern Drakwald. Sadly, it seems not to have been the case. This was the last official report to come from the column: Captain Oscar Brandt "Goblins sighted, typical ignorant tactics, simply marching up the road to meet us. Am deploying column to repell. Master Von Rudinger to harry the flanks and cut off lines of retreat." A day or so later,

Cult-o-Matic 9000

Finally, the Empire Flagellants are finished. Yay! In celebration, I shall sing the Doom Song . But there's one problem: all the other regiments in the Hochland army have a certain individuality to them. The Blades of Taal are common blokes made to dress posh by their commander , and the Powderkegs are a motley assemblage of semi-competent rejects. Each game they're involved in will be the next chapter of their story, and no matter how badly they're mauled, I'll usually think up some guff about how at least some of them escaped and lived on to fight the next battle. Flagellants, on the other hand, are suicidal fundamentalists unlikely to survive game turn two, never mind a whole engagement. It'd seem ridiculous to spend ages writing a backstory for some doom-saying prophet who's going to do his best to hump the bad guys' spears at the first opportunity. So, instead, why not have a different cult for every wargaming occasion? Ladi