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Modular Urban Board Project Log 4: quickly adding colour to the Sector Mechanicus

In my ongoing mission to spruce up my 40K urban terrain, I've tarted up my Sector Mechanicus buildings. Previously  I'd just got them to a basic semi-rusty metal, claiming I'd come back and pretty them up. That was in (checks notes, groans) July 2019. Tom recently started politely pointing this out, because he is my hobby wife. A brush almost immediately appeared in my hand. I considered various colours, but ultimately yellow always felt pretty industrial to me, and gives a good bright contrast. Admittedly with the lighting in that first pic above it looks extremely bright, but it's not so intense in person. Or in the other photos, for which I'd reduced the aperture. Anyway back to painting. My worry was speed. Yellow traditionally needs a few layers, and these things are large. Given the slightly rusty and oily look of the metal, I didn't want the panels to look too pristine, which they would do with just a flat coat of paint. Instead, using a large flat brush,

Thoughts on Painting Small Scale Figures

As previously promised I was going to get stuck into some 6mm fun with a Napoloenic starter set from Baccus6mm. It was a good set with rules, bases, scenery, and two opposing forces. Everything you need to get going. Seeing the figures for the first time in real life made it clear that the ‘normal’ 28mm styles of painting wasn’t going to work here. Something different would be required. So I went off a did my research. Many hours of videos, blogs, and pasting guides later, as well as actually getting stuck in and putting paint on the models, I’ve decided there are three important things to painting super tiny mens.  1 - Know your subject matter: Knowing what you are painting in detail before you start really helps a) figuring out what you are looking at and b) what is the most important details to pick out. I’ve spent many an hour reading up and generally researching the uniforms of the period. it’s part of the fun for me, turning hobby into history and history into hobby.  French coat

House Rules for 40K

40K's ninth edition is probably the best one yet, but has that stopped us wanting to tweak a few things? Obviously not . Admittedly there's not much we've changed, yet, but still it made sense to have everything in one place where our group could find it and make suggestions. Of course this raises the question as to when one should have a house rule, and when one should just calm down and follow the rules. If you find yourself writing a giant list of amendments, one has to start wondering if one is even playing the right game. There's alternatives out there, foremost among which is the well-regarded Grimdark Future . To my mind, house rules are there for when any of the following are happening: Something is confusing. The rules are causing units to not work like they ought to. The rules are getting in the way of you doing something that is both fair and thematic. Post-game sequence for Crusade games Now that occasional Beard Bunker guest writer Tom has played a fair fe