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Terrain: best painted with friends

Warhammer terrain is famously detailed. This can be daunting, and yet when it looks sufficiently pretty in the webstore, it's not daunting enough to stop me buying it and then spending years not painting it. And so, when Harvey and Drew and I all got frisky for a spot of GW's space hulk terrain, I worried it would be the most purchased and least painted thing in our terrain collection. Keen to avoid such waste, we formed a plan. Well, more of a pact. We'd split the cost of two of the boarding actions terrain set (that's two of the big sets, or four times what you'd get in the Kill Team sets, or more prosaically: shitloads). Then we'd get together over a series of sessions and build and paint it together. The pact worked, despite several bouts of Covid and other random hurdles. Unlike most of the terrain I've purchased for myself and failed to finish painting, the group effort strategy absolutely enabled us to power through the grind of removing mould lines a

Manteara now on tour

Mantearer (also spelt Manteara) were playing brutal rokk long before Sirrus Bizniz ever popularised the genre on Boff's Rok , slamming away at their instruments in bars full of orks too keen on getting drunk to realise they were in the presence of greatness. Lead gittarist 'Toofbag' Torgrum eventually took the initiative and took to smashing his gittar over the heads of anyone who wasn't listening during their sets. This kind of violence was met with a mixed response, ranging from 'vaguely amused' to 'extremely keen,' and led to Mantearer gaining a reputation for the most brutal mosh pits in da Scene. Toofbag's propensity to start fights with everyone meant that the band soon had to invest in armour just to get through the opening songs, which in turn resulted in ever larger objects being thrown at them. Mantearer soon found themselves in a harms race, which they ultimately won when Sirrus Bizniz helped them surge in popularity to the extent that th