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The Blacklight Theatre - Necromunda Campaign Update!

A couple of post's ago Jeff gave us all an update on the opening games of our Necromunda campaign. Em had attended with her Aegis Security Van Saar gang and returned full of Hobby Juice. She immediately went and ordered the Necromunda starter set so she could have her own rule book etc. In the starter set there are two gangs included. The muscle bound Goliaths and the leather bound Escher. The latter of which Em threw my way. Up until this point I was pretty indifferent to the world of Necromunda. I found the setting interesting, but I was really reluctant to get into yet another game system with yet another rule set to learn. I already have trouble keeping track of rules for Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Frost Grave, Bolt Action, Kill Team, Full Contact Tiddlywinks and whatever else it is we play. Saying that, having fresh plastic crack in my hands caused me to completely relapse and I dived headlong into creating a gang. Using the Yaktribe tools I started creating a rost

Negative GorkRider, Da Pattern is Full!

A history of high speed passes over five Big Mek's Workshops and one Warboss's Squig I felt the need, the need for speed. And endless cliched Top Gun quotes, so I put a couple of Ork planes together and here they are. Is your ego riting cheques wot your Dakka can't cash? Then you need a Dakkajet.  The Dakkajet received a bit of conversion work to it. - I swapped the position of the vent hatch and the cockpit to give the jet a 'longer bonnet' so that it looks faster. - I dislike the stock landing gear, and wanted to make at least one of the planes usable as a static model / scenery. With that in mind, I created a set of landing gear from the landing skids and a set of cheap 1/35 resin Stuka wheels off Ebay. These pin into little holes in the side of the fuselage and allow the plane to sit on the ground and look a bit like a proper plane that could e.g. land without exploding. Fortunately, the holes aren't particularly obvious when the pla

Slaughter in Sejanus - Necromunda Campaign Update!

Once upon a time, in a hive called Sejanus in the Cetus Sub, there was a gang called The Carrion Children. They were big, they were scary and they wore weird doll faces so everyone stayed the hell away. Then the Inquisition came in and smashed them because they were ever so slightly a nascent chaos cult too... And thus the events of the Beard Bunker Inquisitor campaign set the scene for the Beard Bunker Necromunda campaign: With the Carrion Children gone for good, there was something of a power vacuum in the depths of the Sejanus underhive and a bunch of gangs went scouting for territory and treasure. They mostly found each other.  Yep! It was the first weekend campaign event of our Necromunda campaign and dear gods did the blood flow! We are playing a dominion campaign and so this was the first phase of territory acquisition. Because we're all newbies at this modern Necromunda lark we kept things simple. A series of Zone Mortalis Tunnel Fights as our gangs explored old Carri

Shhhh... This is a Library

Over the last month and a bit Jeff and Charlie seemed to have produced a small hive's worth of scenery, gangs, and stealer cults. I've been a little more focused with my paint brush. I've finished exactly one miniature. Tt's a pretty one however, and I'm actually impressed with it myself. I think I've done a pretty good job of it. I even pushed the boat out with some techniques I don't normally use. I've attempted to wet blend the force sword to make it stand out and look a little special. Other than that there isn't anything special, just done neatly (I hope). I'm not going to bore you with lots of words. I'll just get straight to the pretty pictures. I'm ready for my close up This is my zappy hand. Full frontal Sorcery A little cheeky behind Force Sword and Freeahand The wet blended sword. I looked carefully at how it had been done by the studio and tried to replicate that. A little freehand nameplate, so