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Three week genestealer cult part 3: you gotta do a montage

Charlie: Welp, here we go. The big game is less than a week away as I write this, which means it's the final countdown and I'll need the eye of the tiger if I'm going to avoid the danger zone . At this point I'm probably gonna need a montage . On the upside, it's not looking hopeless. Here's what's finished thus far: Rising up, back on the street. How has this much progress occurred? Well for one thing I had help from one of the other players: Andy of the Iron Legion blog . He and I took Thursday off work and painted for ten hours straight, painting all the cultists in one huge batch, starting from a mournfang brown primer and slapping on basecoats with more enthusiasm than caution. With a combined 20 man-hours under our belt, we didn't quite finish the 35 cult members, but it meant that after another 12ish hours over this weekend, they're done, and with more highlighting and facial detail than I expected. I've still got the prim

Three week genestealer cult part 2: big yellow goliath truck

Charlie:  I now have exactly two weeks until the deadline, and out of about 40 models I have now painted... one truck. Minus the crew. Everything's gonna be fine. A hundred percent fine. I mean, I've primed the other models and that's like 1% of the battle already won! Overall woes notwithstanding, let's move on to the truck itself. The goliath truck was one of those kits I wasn't entirely convinced by when it was released. Whilst Andy pointed out that the drilldozer blade is probably a homage to a certain scene in Total Recall , it still looks utterly preposterous. Furthermore the standard twin autocannons and pintle-mounted heavy stubber make it look like a purpose-built military vehicle, which is the opposite of what this thing is meant to be. Thus, I ignored the standard build in the game's rules and built it so that it looks like an industrial vehicle with a dangerous piece of equipment that could be used to cut holes in tanks. Whilst t

Exalted Sorcerers and Industrial Thingies

If you hadn't guessed from the title, today is about two totally distinct things. In the first half we have a trio of Exalted Sorcerers, along with a group shot and a run down of the painting process as requested. Coming in the second half we have a somewhat rusty pile of industrial scenery. Neither of these things are connected to each other but on their own they aren't really big enough to warrant a single post. At least not a post with the girth that you, the dear reader, deserve. The Exalted Sorcerers: As with all of the new Thousands Sons kits, there are a ton of options right there in the box to create three Exalted Sorcerers. It did seem a little strange initially that the character option comes as a three pack, but I am grateful for that in the end. Mostly because you don't have to choose between parts when you can create three cool models. Also, being able to pump out 8 Psychic powers every turns, 2 each for the Exalted Sorcerer and 1 a piece for the Aspirin

Three week genestealer cult part 1

Charlie:  Oh dear lord. On the 29th of this month, I'm running a Deathwatch scenario involving a genestealer cult. Anyone who's read enough of this blog will know how slow I am to get things done and now I have to paint a whole heap of models in... [counts] THREE WEEKS?! So boned. My five victims players know I own the hilariously named  Deathwatch: Overkill box, and at least half of them know I've added a goliath truck. So here's the pile of things they're allowed to see: Yay for unfinished truck! Boo for unpainted crew. There's some other stuff, but that'll have to stay secret until after the 29th. Suffice to say, I've never tried to paint this many models in such a small window of time to anything approaching non-crap standard. One of the victims players, Andy, has offered to come over for a day and help out, but still, it ain't looking good. Over the next three weeks I'll be posting frequently but in smaller, bite-size chunks.