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Let's get the band back together...

Not a musical band, but a band of brave and/or foolhardy adventurers all heading off to lands forgotten and ravaged by a great calamity in search of fame, glory, and riches. Well, mostly riches. Also for the stories. Once our intrepid souls have a few heroic yarns to spin they will be able to hold rapt the patrons of any alehouse or inn they care to frequent. Not to mention turn the heads of any fair maid or strapping lad that catches their eye.  So who are these daring men and woman? And what is their goal? Say CHEESE everybody The goal is a city dubbed Frostgrave, an ancient metropolis at the heart of a magical empire that was befallen by a great accident that left the city buried under the ice for centuries. Now that it has started to thaw, it's treasures are up for grabs. Now let's meet the fellowship: Arthur le Berre: Fire Wizard and Leader The fingers are where the magic happens Gourvan Mandroux: Ice Wizard and apprentice to Arthur More p

Another freehand Hochland banner

My love of the Olde Worlde has been rejuvinated thanks largely to Total War: Warhammer. I maintain they should have called it  Total Warhammer , thus providing both a shorter title and a playground insult, i.e. "Jamie stole my biscuits and he peed in Archie's orange juice. Archie says he's a total warhammer."  Before I get on with today's actual post, here's a flash review of Total Warhammer : it's an imaginatively faithful adaptation whose only misstep is to follow GW's suggestion of occasionally replacing a mountain with a giant stone skull. In every other respect it's fun and well-paced, and surprisingly tasteful compared to some other GW adaptations. Anyway, I mention all this because I enjoyed Total Warhammer so much that it gave me the urge to paint more state troops of the Empire. This had the added advantage of clearing something out of my overpopulated WIP tray. And so without further ado, here are the Heedenhof Greenleaves: