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Leatherworking - A Raven Guard Present

Given that none of us in the Bunker are professional hobbyists we can't make our living that way. So we've all got "side gigs" to support the main job of painting miniatures. I think I've got that the right way round... Well, anyway, I am unbelievably lucky and my day job is also a creative one, I am a leatherworker. While this is absolutely how I make my coin, the thing I love most is when I can make a one-off piece for a friend. It's using my talents to make others happy and that's gold to me. With my most recent piece, we finally see my two worlds collide in a fashion that we think you all would find interesting! You see, I made this...

Daemons of Khorne

I recently survived another full trip around the sun. As is traditional the people close to me wished to send me gifts and asked me what I desired. As normal I had no idea what I wanted. So I sent to Em a list of the Start Collecting sets that appealed to me. It was basically everything but Space Marines and Eldar (Never Eldar!). The idea was Em picked one based on what she would like to see me paint. I thought this would be a) fun and b) solve my issue of not knowing what I want. So the day came (well, actually we did it early because of lockdown reasons, stupid pandemics*) and Em hefted a hefty box at me. This didn't feel like a Start Collecting set. Anyway, colourful paper was torn asunder and lo and behold in front of me was the Wrath and Rapure set. I was amazed and very much delighted. I was going to be a Daemon Daddy (I should probably rethink that name). Karanak's Badside

Cobalt Scions Redemptor Dreadnought

In the extremely blue corner, weighing in at over thirty tons, the Megachonker himself, Gaius Atalus (deceased)! He's only got one hand but don't let that fool you, he's a 4th dan black belt in Fiddlercrabnojutsu.

Do You Wanna Be In Our Gang? - Necromunda Orlocks

Greetings fellow bunker dwellers! It has been a long time since we last delved into the hellscape of the Underhive. Perhaps too long... because in our absence the Blood & Chrome have been expanding: