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Daemons of Khorne

I recently survived another full trip around the sun. As is traditional the people close to me wished to send me gifts and asked me what I desired. As normal I had no idea what I wanted. So I sent to Em a list of the Start Collecting sets that appealed to me. It was basically everything but Space Marines and Eldar (Never Eldar!). The idea was Em picked one based on what she would like to see me paint. I thought this would be a) fun and b) solve my issue of not knowing what I want. So the day came (well, actually we did it early because of lockdown reasons, stupid pandemics*) and Em hefted a hefty box at me. This didn't feel like a Start Collecting set. Anyway, colourful paper was torn asunder and lo and behold in front of me was the Wrath and Rapure set. I was amazed and very much delighted. I was going to be a Daemon Daddy (I should probably rethink that name).
Karanak's Badside

Due to the aforementioned stupid pandemic* I didn't have the paints and bits to do the Slaanesh half of the set. I did however have the stuff to get on with the Khorne half. And that I did.

Karanak's other bad side

 The set contains 10 Bloodletters, 5 Flesh Hounds, 3 Blood Crushers, and 1 Karanak. So a neat little Patrol Detachment to add to my already sizable Chaos collection.

More Bloodletters

 Painting. The main red flesh was a base coat of Khorne Red (funny that), a dry brush of Wazdakka red, a Carrionburg Crimson wash, followed by a re-drybrushing of Wazdakka Red, followed by a dry brush of what I think was bugmans glow but I can't be sure because the label has fallen off. How I don't know but it is a ruddy, fleshy colour. The black bits is Abbadon Black and Eshin Grey High Lights.

The Flesh Hound Gang

The Metals. The silver parts where Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil, and highlighted with Runefang Steel, and another metal that the label has been obscured by over-zealous airbrush oversprary. The copper colour on those Juggernauts was Screaming Bell, washes of Reikland Fleshshade and a recess shade of Agrax Earthshade. The gold on all models was Retributor Armour, Agrax Earthshade, Liberator Gold, and the obscured silver paint from before.


For the Basing I've gone for a bit of a blighted waste land feel. I did try and do a desert cracking open to reveal the nighmarish warp void thing, but it didn't go well with the red. It's a simple basing using the Astrogranite, washed with patches of Agrax Earthshade and Athonian Camoshade. Then a dry brush of Ushabti Bone followed by some tufting. Who doesn't like a little tufting now and then.


*Pandemic stuff. Just to be clear, by referring to it as a silly pandemic is not me under-estimating the seriousiness of the situation. My day (and night) job is an Ambulance Dispatcher. So I know just how bad it is out there. I am in agreement with the lock down procedures in place. I understand that some business cannot function safely and therefore should not be functioning. Putting profit before people is sadly something that happens far to often, but when there is something as overtly deadly as Covid-19 out there, let's not mess around. I can wait until things are back to normal to make a paint order. I really can. Honest. I have some stuff on my workbench that can be done in the mean time. So stay indoors and lets make a dent in that Shelf of Shame.



  1. That's a very cool gift :-) I did something similar with my wifey a few weeks ago and ended up with a national park's worth of Sylvaneth!

    1. Noice... we have clearly found ourselves women we do not deserve but are fortunate to have!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I'm a happy daemon Daddy. Yeah, I'm owning that now.

  3. Blood for the Blood God!
    Skulls for the Skull Throne!
    Milk for the Khorne Flakes!
    Ketchup for the Khorne Dogs!

    1. That made me chuckle into my tea. Nice one.

  4. The contrast method for Flesh Hounds is equally awesome, Fleshtearers red over Wraithbone and done! I can’t wait to get back to painting, I’m deployed to London and working long days, finishing too late to hobby drains my soul... but articles and pics of others Lockdown projects keeps my spirits up. Cheers.

    1. I am still oblivious to the contrast paints. They just aren't on my painting horizon. They really should be. Em has a bunch. I should play.

      Dude that must suck. I'm doing 12 hour shifts but at least I'm home on my rest days and can get some painting done. I've got around a 1000pts of Bolt Action on the desk at the moment. The other daemons are going g to have to wait as I dont have the paints for them at the moment.

      Glad that we are able to bring a bit of hobby joy to those who are stuck far from their paint stations.


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