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Evil Sunz Biker Gang

Charlie: about eight years ago, I painted my first ork warbiker mob. Three bikerz seemed a bit restrained for an Evil Sunz army, so over the years I acquired more... aaaand then failed to paint them. Now I've scrubbed off another stain on my honour by painting the nine bikes I had assembled, and frankly, 12 bikers looks a lot more like a proper biker gang. Get da motor runnin' Head out on da highway Lookin for adventure And whatever comes our way Yeah zoggit, gon' make it appen Take the world in a waaagh of deff Fire all of my guns at once An' explode into space The majesty of fat batches I painted all nine bikes in one big batch. Increasingly these days I'm finding one huge batch psychologically easier than painting a smaller number of models and then realising: I have to do the whole thing again. Multiple times. Better to stick a good podcast on and settle down for the long haul. Kustomising yer ride One of the limitations of the bike

Dark Angels 3rd Company (ish)

Maisey: A little while ago Jeff posted about his beautiful and well thought out Blood Angels. Seeing that post made me glance lovingly at my Dark Angel shelf and I wondered if you guys would actually like to see them for once. I've spoken about my Dangels many times before but never really done a proper post about them. Yes, I have a shelf of Dark Angels... and a bonus Knight I wish I could go back into the mists of time to say how a young Maisey, inspired by some article was drawn into the cowled mysteries of the Dark Angels. I would also like to say that in his youth Maisey struggled to create the army as seen in his childish minds eye. But I can't, because that would be a lie. I didn't play 40k until I was in my 20's, so no childhood memories here. The initial attraction to the Dark Angels was with the 4th Edition codex release back in 2007 and the release of the Veterans kit with 5 robed marines. I saw the models and thought, 'They look cool, a whole

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

So… I’m back. "Its been a while. What the hell’s going on? We thought you'd died in a freak cheese grater accident?" Well. I’ve had a couple of things eating into my hobby time of late. I’ve been busy with this: Project House: A hole in the air into which you pour effort and money. And he hasn't helped much: Also, I’ve been helping to make this: And this: Whilst trying to keep the workforce from getting the weird and horrific sort of industrial diseases that you've only read about in a Victorian medical almanac.  " So, on the hobby front… What have you been doing for the last two years?" Well, not much. I've been at an almost terminally low hobby ebb. Until very recently, 40K was still suffering under a bloated, moronic rule-set and GW merrily derped the well-developed and compelling Warhammer universe out of existence and replaced it with ‘Adventures in magic land for 4 year olds'. See Here for details. It didn’t he

Deathwatch mission: the Fall of Kursanov Prime

Charlie: This is the final post about the Deathwatch scenario I GMd recently. This time I’m going over the scenario concept itself, accompanied with in-fiction snippets and photos from the day. The concept is simple enough that you could probably adapt it for a themed 40k skirmish; we were playing it as an RPG using our in-house ruleset. The first thing the players got was the briefing. This came weeks before the mission itself, so they had time to choose their marine’s gear (and make a model if necessary; Andy rather wisely magnetised his marine’s arms so that he could swap out the weapons in future scenarios). This is going to be a hefty post with a fair few photos and fat chunks of screed, so if you're down for that, hit the jump.

Three week genestealer cult part 4: the results

Stealers up inside yerrrr, findin an entrance where they can . Charlie:  Now that the dust from Saturday's game has settled, I can reveal whether or not I did indeed succeed at batch painting a genestealer cult in three weeks, particularly since the models are no longer swathed in a blanket of secrecy. The answer...? Hell yeah. Now I should couch this triumphal tone in reminding y'all that I had help. Andy joined me for a ten-hour painting binge in the run-up to Saturday's game, and on the Friday night Jeff spent a few quality hours on the magus so that I could scamper upstairs and spew out stat lines (we're using the RPG engine we developed, which of course means rules for 40k characters only exist if we write them!). After all these posts, I'd be remiss if I didn't provide a photo of everything that got painted over the last three weeks, so here it is: Much as I can't claim any of these are masterpieces, I am satisfied that they