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Evil Sunz Biker Gang

Charlie: about eight years ago, I painted my first ork warbiker mob. Three bikerz seemed a bit restrained for an Evil Sunz army, so over the years I acquired more... aaaand then failed to paint them. Now I've scrubbed off another stain on my honour by painting the nine bikes I had assembled, and frankly, 12 bikers looks a lot more like a proper biker gang.

Get da motor runnin'
Head out on da highway
Lookin for adventure
And whatever comes our way
Yeah zoggit, gon' make it appen
Take the world in a waaagh of deff
Fire all of my guns at once
An' explode into space

The majesty of fat batches
I painted all nine bikes in one big batch. Increasingly these days I'm finding one huge batch psychologically easier than painting a smaller number of models and then realising: I have to do the whole thing again. Multiple times. Better to stick a good podcast on and settle down for the long haul.

Kustomising yer ride
One of the limitations of the biker box is that a lot of the components are shiny yet distinctive, which makes for really obvious repeats in a bigger unit. This was a problem for me since I've tried, so far as is practical, to make every vehicle in my army unique.

The problem of repeat components can be mitigated by stripping them down to varying extents throughout the unit. Take this front cowling as an example:

I like smoke and lightning
'Eavy metal thunda
Racin' wiv da wind
An' da feelin dat I'm undaaa
Yeah zoggit, gon' make it appen
Take da world in a waaagh of deff
Fire all of my guns at once
An' explode into space

It's pretty quick to do, and helps give the impression that some of the ladz have acquired their rides more recently, and haven't had the time or the teef for extra kustomisation. I also sprinkled in a few heads and arms from different kits to further increase variety.

Like a troo nature's child
We was born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never wanna die

Different sorts'o'green
I experimented with having a variety of skin tones in the mob, just like I did for the genestealer cult and my imperial guardsmen. Honestly, though, I'm preferring the olive green with fleshy bits to the extent that I might just stick with that for future units, and while they'll look different to the orks already in the army, any army collected over a period of eight years is bound to have some issues like that. I don't want to paint new models with old techniques just to satisfy an OCD urge.
What's left?
I've got a few units of trukkboyz that need finishing, plus a few deffkoptas. The latter are currently my main way of attacking vehicles right now, so they're pretty vital. I'm also considering building a mob of tankbusters; I always struggled to deal with vehicles at range, and in the new rules it's even tougher! That said, no tankbusters until the new year. The Bunker's denizens agreed: this year, we must finish things we already own, and I am in no way likely to run out of things to do before January 2018. Or 2019 for that matter. Most of you can relate, I suspect, to having a chunky heap of unfinished gumf sitting in a dusty box.

Incentives for the waaagh!
To make sure I churn out the remaining orks, I've offered to run a GMd narrative campaign for Jeff and Tom's marine armies in December. That's three months from now. Very doable, but not so doable I can afford to rest on my laurels. If the three week cult project taught me anything, it's that I respond well to deadlines.


  1. The sweet sweet joy of completing a unit. Made all the better by the righteous justification of being able to legitimately buy new shiney.

    1. The 1st of January could be financially ruinous...


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