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Automated Firestrike Servo-turret

Back in November I made a Firestrike Servo-turret. So far it has mostly been nuked off the table by opponents realising it has a lot of firepower and not a lot of wounds. Naturally my response to this ineffectiveness is to double down on the stupid and add another. Since this is part of the same unit as the first turret, I wanted it to be automated, imagining it would be slaved to the techmarine running the battery. This required a little conversion work: slicing off the seat, various cables, and handles. There was only a little green stuff needed to fill a hole where the seat protruded from the main chassis. I tried to convey a few things in the painting. Where the manned turret has a decorative silver skull, the one on this turret is an actual servo-skull. Possibly the most heavily armed and armoured servo skull in the Imperial arsenal? At any rate, another fine entry in the long list of "heavily armoured Imperial things extremely vulnerable to headshots." I also changed

Adding more variety to Intercessors

Since UK restrictions eased I've been playing a lot of 40K, and this has had the UNSURPRISING YET DELICIOUS effect of making me want to paint more Space Marines, despite earlier declaring I was done with them. The army's core of 3x5 Intercessors always felt a bit thin, so my first port of call was to bulk out Squad Tyvus with another five dudes. The thing about Intercessors, though, is that beyond the sergeant and the giddy excitement of a few auxiliary grenade launchers, there's no variety in these modern squads. At least, not in the rules. I've always maintained you don't need rules to add flavour, so I'm practicing what I preach and have added a couple of specialists to the unit. They might not have any in-game effects, but I always thought the Helix Adept in the infiltrator units was a very cool idea, and this is just an iteration on that, with both Helix and Tech adepts present in Sergeant Tyvus' squad. To mark them out, I gave them a special pauldron a