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Killa Kans: Grötley Crüe

The clanking three-piece outfit Grötley Crüe got their start in Runt Hill. It's just out past Skid Row, where the speed freaks test their dragstas. There at the periphery of Mek City, on a dusty hill too rubbish for proper orks to bother living on, the grots roam free. It's undoubtedly the least impressive neighbourhood on Boff's Rok , and yet it's the hometown of a truly unusual little grot. Nikkit Stixx was originally an oiler working for Krom Bignooz, but after one too many unfair slappings he scampered off for the hungry freedom of the outskirts. Somehow surviving the journey out of Mek Town, he took to salvaging parts from the wrecked dragstas littering Skid Row. He could never quite replicate Krom's ability to create actual working machines; nothing ever seemed to come together right. Frustrated, he took to drowning his disappointment with shroomgrog. He was soon hopelessly hooked, and didn't care. His little workshop fell into disrepair. One night, blaste

Who's Da Megaboss?

No one, not even the boss himself, can remember what his original name was. He'd move from campfire to campfire, telling the lads to "pay attenshun" to Da Plan for the next raid. He'd tell them it was "sirrus bizniz." So after a while, that's what they called him. "Here comes Sirrus Bizniz," they'd chorus. The lads didn't know what was wrong with drinking and rokking out the night before, and then winging it on the day. Of course, they conceded, that was probably why he was the boss. But who is Mr Bizniz, and where does he come from? The artist latterly known as Sirrus Bizniz hails from  Boff's Rok . A populous and comparatively advanced ork world, all sorts of subkultures await listless yoofs. Among them: Goff rokk. As soon as young Sirrus heard the wailing of atonal guitars and the pounding of the drums he was filled with a sense of awe. He got obsessed, spending all his time in drunken mosh pits and immersing himself in the subku

Sophomore Goffs

Sometimes a second album really is just refining the theme laid down by the debut effort. Similar riffs, but beefier; more assured. Such is the case with this second mob of idiots. While I'm sure there'll be further refinements, this post will outline the (generally simple) methods and colours used to paint them. This scheme takes me about 60-90 minutes per ork, depending on the ork.

The Year of the Cog: Part Five - Heavy Support

 As promised in the last Admech Post I've got the last model in the initial 1000 point Crusade Roster for you today. It a big 'un. We have K-44/4, an Onager Dunecrawler. As with all GW naming I ignore about half the name and just call it the Dunecrawler, or Spidey Tank. Which whenever gets mentioned on our Discord chats is automatically followed by at least 3 different and simultaneous renditions of the old school Spiderman theme tune. This has not stopped being funny yet. Following the standard template painting pattern for Akaros units the painting called for a mostly bone/white scheme. This was best achived using subassemblies. The legs, hull, commander, and shooty bits where all kept seperate and undercoated in the most appropirate colour. The hull was basecoated black and then sprayed Wraithbone, the legs black then Leadbelcher, the rest just got black. It means the bulk of the work is already done to a standard far higher than I can manage with a brush.      This one als