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Genetic traitors. Genestealer Cults #3 - Human Neophytes

I talked in the first episode of this series about the existential horror of the Genestealer Cult. The loss of free will and the corruption of the love for one's children. Well, I think there should be another layer of horror added in. The fact that humans make stupid, stupid choices and there will always be some who will willingly drink the Kool-Aid so to speak. When I was first thinking about GSC models, it was mostly for roleplay purposes. So I'd decided to have some brood brother type human allies along for the ride so as to increase the amount of genestealer in the cult gradually. The more I thought about it though, the stronger the desire to have some actual willing humans among the cult. They might be there because they are anti-imperial and the stealer cult gives them the best chance of sticking it to the man; or because they have convinced themselves that the stealers are some next step in mankind's evolution; or just because they're suicidal and want to g

Ministry's going to London's MCM ComicCon!

Thanks to the inestimable Gideon of , we're going to MCM ComicCon in London this weekend to help him sell pretty polyhedral dice, and spread the word about our roleplaying game whilst we're at it. To paraphrase renowned bad boy Martin Lawrence, poop just got actual . Jeff revealed that we'd developed a Weird War II RPG back in October . The TLDR is this: it's 1941, and you play a government agent with strange abilities tasked with policing Britain's shadow society of supernatural people and creatures. Occupational hazards include sporadic fisticuffs with Himmler's Thule Society. Both Jeff and myself will be manning the Dicebard booth from Friday through to Sunday, so if you're going, you're very welcome to drop by and say hi! As per Dicebard's usual dapper vibe, Jeff and I will be shedding our usual stoner-hobo derelicte threads for waistcoats and other toffery, so that in itself is bloody weird. The current state of the game i

Sons of Betrayal (Necromunda Cult)

So, it was my turn to do a post, which is why it's late. In fairness, it wasn’t my fault: Malal made me put it off. In short, this is my gang for the upcoming Necromunda campaign that we will run as soon as everyone finishes their gang. A quick note about the models: I used the cultist models that were originally released in the Dork Vengeance box set back in 2012.   (Yeah, I’m only just painting models I bought seven years ago. My pile of shame is a terrible thing to behold.) Anyway, the truly great thing about the models is that due to their excellent sculpts, they kind of write their own backstory for you, which is handy when you’re dealing with a small unit game like Necromunda as back story for these characters helps bring them to life.  Most of the models are stock, with a couple of head swaps from the Empire flagellants kit. The Psyker is from the Blackstone Fortress game. In general, I really like these models. The sculpts and the poses are excel

A face only a mother could love. Genestealer Cult #2 - Acolytes

Last time we prowled around the surface levels of the House Ortag Refinery and Mineral Exploitation Plant. There we met some people with funny looking heads but nothing too weird... but now we're in the sub levels and things are getting... claw-ey... Yup, they're back and this time they brought grandpa... the Acolytes are the earlier generations of the cult, still more genestealer than person and more bestial in mind. They thus favour the close up rough and tumble over more considered shooting. Like all the rest of the Star-born Souls (hey, check it out! I named them!) these acolytes are dressed in the jury-rigged remains of the pressure suits and coveralls that the neophytes wear. So other than the skin colour, all other painting details remain the same... in which case, let's talk skin! This is another step down on the purple train towards genestealer. They start from pure genestealer purple and are highlighted up with Cadian Fleshtone. All the chitinous bits ar