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Thoughts on the new Empire army book

It turns out that having an overly active social life can have an impact on one’s painting output. Whilst this is a good problem to have, it does mean I still haven’t finished painting the Blades of Taal, and thus I've no pretty pictures to show y’all. What I have done, however, is play a few games using the new Empire book. To that end, and because I’m an opinionated muthahubbard, I thought I’d share my thoughts on it. Doing so may or may not constitute a review. As a precursor, I must confess that I was a little sceptical when I first heard rumours of a new edition of the facial hair delivery system that is Warhammer Armies: The Empire . What was wrong with the current edition, I wondered? The maxim ‘if it ain’t broke...’ seemed to apply, and my fear was that they were going to lead my favourite army into a dark back-alley and leave bits of it bleeding into a bucket. Thus, the question on my (and, I suspect, every other Empire player’s) lips was this: is the

When Dwarfs go Bad

First, my apologies: between going to France and Devon over the past few weeks, I’ve not found the time to do part two of the freehand tutorial. I shall be slapping it in the face (that means finishing it) this week. Now, moving on... I have something new for the Beard Bunker: a battle report. Kindof. I find myself wondering if I’m about to fall into some of the traps that sometimes befoul the White Dwarf team when they write one of these. At the least, I guess I can try to restrict my use of hyperbole. After all, dire portents are waxing nigh as the End Times descend upon the Olde Worlde, and who am I to indulge in mere rhetoric as such cataclysmic events unfold? Oops. Now, what the rest of this post may lack in hyperbole, it makes up for in length. You might want to put the kettle on before diving in...

The Butterfly Strikes Back...

Well, as you may have gathered from my last post, things with the Vampires were going quite well. Very well in fact. Then this happened...   How, how does this happen? For a good six months, I’ve been having this vague itch... to resurrect my bodged Dark Angels successor chapter and not make a pig’s ear of them. A couple of weeks ago, I cracked. I bought a Dark Angels veterans box, a command group box and a devastators set. Then I raided my bits box, leftovers and spares, and found I could make a company master, command group, two tactical squads and three transports. It's amazing what you can make when you dig through those bits boxes! To top off the speedy army buildy cake, I had a very lovely and generous birthday gift of the Ravenwing Battleforce box (Thanks Em!!). I'm really impressed with the sheer amount of extras included on those frames. It's allowed me to customise all my vehicles without having to purchase anything extra.  So far I've only managed to