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The Chaos of Interpersonal Relationships

Good evening Bunkerers (or whatever time of day it so happens to be when you read this). A little while ago (last August to be exact) we got rather excited about small scale fantasy armies. 750 pts, no units bigger than 20 (unless you are a Goblin or Skaven Slave), No Lords (looking at the Goblins again), the army must be at least 3 units + characters. I can't remember if there was any other restrictions we had decided on (anyone else remember?). Anyway, we had a lot of fun with these little armies and I got the notion in my head to use these rules to build a Chaos warband. There might have been some vague discussions about all of us doing something similar or that might have just been in my head and I was planning on talking about that (this sort of thing happens a lot). In true Maisey fashion I got rather over excited and read the chaos book from cover to cover (or at least looked at the pictures) and worked out what units I wanted in my warband. Then I went out a purchase

A Hard Days Knight

Hello Everyone, I've been working on a model. A big (ish) model. I don't normally share everything I do (Perhaps I should?). Anyway, I think you'll like looking at this one. Not much to say specifically, so here is a dump of, what I think, are pretty pictures. If you do want to know what I did, or how I did it, then drop us a note in the comments and I'll explain myself.

Nerd Thunder 5: Warhammer World - Part Three

Back to part two - the Warhammer 40,000 halls Yes folks, this is it, the big 'un. We'd all been impressed going around, and even a miserly chap like myself (I can demand the change out of a penny with the best of 'em) had stopped grumbling about the price of admission and had just been going "WOW" a lot. Then we walked into the final hall. And saw this: I don't think it is possible to convey through pictures just how massive this thing is. I even tried getting a shot with the guys in to for scale: But even that doesn't give much as you can't see three quarters of the table in that shot. Seriously. Feast your eyes on some of the mini-vignettes that make up the mega-vignette of this awesome table: the lower section of the table is a vast battlefield, for scale, the bottom left corner includes reaver titans The bridges over the lower road, high enough for warhounds to walk under. The citadel has these huge arched walkways, la