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Adapting Rules to 6mm

Today’s post will be a break from the grim dark future to take a look at the grim dark past. Last November I starting on building up a collection of 6mm Napoleonic (mini) miniatures. I had done some 28mm but wanted to capture the truly epic scope of that period in warfare and not need a cricket pitch size space to game on. The only way to do that is to go with smaller models. I ordered a starter bundle from Baccus6mm and got stuck in.  I’ve been doing the 6mm stuff in between Admech units just to break things up and keep it all fresh. Since I can turn out a battalion in about 45 minutes (personal best was 34 minutes for a cavalry unit) it was ideal for those shorter hobby sessions. Only have a couple of hours after work, hammer out a couple of units and get the satisfaction of completion.    I have finally got the point where I have managed to finish two roughly equal forces, one British and one French. I also have added a few buildings and a gaming mat into the mix. My intention is to

Into da Jaws of Deff

When Black Squiggoth's best frontman Buzzy Buzzborn returned from his dynamite fishing trip and arrived at the Wurrgong Stage, he gawped at the devastation he found.

Vicious Virtuoso Violence

  It is fair to say that all Drukhari are masters of nastily applied mayhem and violence. But even amongst that excessively stabby breed there are some who could be considered "professionals" at it. These are the Incubi, elite, mercenary bodyguards and warriors with a dedication and focus that makes them the equal of any temple of Aspect Warriors amongst their Craftworld kin.  And dayumn do they look good doing it. I love the whole Drukhari range but the Incubi were just knocked out of the park. Covered in trophies and the shattered spirit stones of defeated Aspect Warriors they just ooze professional nastiness. As they are "Blades For Hire" I toyed with the idea of having them in another colour, but I just loved the green too much. Also I wanted them to be emphatically part of the Kabbalite force so green a go-go. Weirdly the part I agonised over most on these was the horns. Darker? Lighter? Same as the armour? They caused me all kinds of trials and tribulations. I


Until now the Metalwaaagh had momentum, but it didn't have speed. As I continue to collect this fledgling army I'm slowly filling out a patrol detachment. I've done my 3 troops and 2 heavy support... now it's time for the fast attack: 10 stormboyz, and a squadron of deffkoptas. Today's post will cover who these idiots are, then finish with how this army's done on Crusade.