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Review: Army Painter vs. Citadel spray primer

Wow, this has to be the most exciting post ever placed upon the Beard Bunker. A review of spray paints? Ermagahd. Youtube and its legions of kittens have nothing on me. Nothing. Dem nozzles My foray into Army Painter’s primer sprays was brought about by the desire to pay less money than GW are currently asking for their primer spray. I find it hard to believe that the cost of manufacture has increased 50% in the last four years, but their price tag has. </bitter sarcasm> Dem cans Army painter spray: plus points It’s cheaper, and they do a wider range of colours than Citadel. Army painter spray: the drawbacks The black is glossy. Not seriously glossy, but glossier than satin varnish. This means paint doesn’t stick to it very well. The process of drybrushing was actually rubbing paint off the model. This is a problem for a primer. The green, while less glossy, had an inconsistent texture. Andy of Iron Legion fame is using their yellow spray for his

Golden Orc-petunity

Hi peeps! As with all things like this, an introduction is a good place to start. I am Lucy, otherwise known as Mrs PVP (Jeff's missus). I have been around the hobby for as long as I've known Jeff (a scary 17 years) and up until recently I've never really jumped in with both feet. I'd always enjoyed painting the odd figure more than the actual gaming. Having been around the Beard Bunker boys (and now girls!) for almost 7 years I've been gradually pulled into the gaming side of the hobby and it is time for First Army; So here come the Boyz! So, why Orcs? I don't know what exactly drew me to Orcs in the first place, maybe the squigs? Maybe the background? Or perhaps it was just the mad amount of fun and unpredictability that surround the Orc armies. You never know what your boyz are going to do from one turn to the next, an excellent excuse for defeat for a novice general... Plus, they tend to just look AWESOME en masse. This was the first (and indeed on

Blood, Sweat and Flab...

Hello everyone! Last time I posted Jeff and I were sharing what we have done in the past and I briefly mentioned that I was looking at doing some Ogres. Why Ogres? Well, simply, I wanted something very different to my Vampires, and what can be more different to a horde of Zombies than a small band of huge, sweaty, violent Ogres. In true Beard Bunker style the first thing I set about doing was writing some back story. I wanted to set out the feel of the army before even thinking about getting the first models in. So without further ado, I give you the Readers Digest Condensed History of the Offlandz Protectorers!*  *(for those of you not so interested in story there are some pretty pictures below if you wanted to skip down) The Offlandz Protectorers were originally a nomadic tribe by the name of the Onefinger tribe, named after their digitally challenged leader, Nargutt. The Onefingers wandered into the Empire state of Ostland where they started making a nuisance of themsel

Beardy Young Men

Hi folks, it's Jeff. In order to celebrate the first new dwarf models in ooh-gosh-ages and because my stunty excitement-o-meter is dinging at the top of the scale, I've been painting... yep, Dwarfs! Recent events in the campaign have convinced me that I needed more heroes, especially a thane without a battle standard in hand to lead smaller armies. As I wanted to promote Dwalin to Runelord I also wanted a new Runesmith to take his place in the smaller actions. So here they are! I figured having two younger dwarfs - mere striplings, barely a century each - in the mix would make for some interesting roleplaying options too. A bit more devil-may-care optomism. So without further ado, lets meet them. First up is Finbar Stormborne, Thane of Karak Hoch and son of Vindalf Stormborne (Hafnir's brother and army battle standard bearer). As the king's nephew he's been promoted as rapidly as decency allows and is now leading small expeditionary forces to prove himself