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Primaris Psyker conversion

Today's short post is an ode to the advanced headswap. I've just finished off a Primaris Psyker for the mechanised Guard army I painted back in 8th edition, because sometimes you just fancy a palette cleanser. There were however two issues with using the stock kit. For one, I'm not a huge fan of the default head and collar, even if I recognise that shying away from Imperial weirdness is an act of cowardice. Secondly, both Jeff and Tom have already painted the same mini for their armies, and I didn't like the idea of having triplets running around. I'm a special snowflake, and so are my tiny plastic people. Enter a spare head from Statuesque Miniatures, some pinning, and some green stuff. I took a deep breath and snipped off the collar. No going back now.  Pinning the head in place and sculpting a neck, the next move was to smooth over the damage to the cuirass and then get a collar and hair bun in place, since the head's original ponytail didn't feel right.