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Getcha Motor Running... Blood Angels Style.

Greetings Bunker Dwellers! A post like this needs musical accompanyment and I know a classic . So with the musical accompanyment sorted, lets get the gang together: Eagle-eyed readers will have seen these chaps make their debut in the Iyanden vs Blood Angels picdump from a couple of weeks ago. Sadly they got their shiny model syndrome rubbed right off owing to my rather underestimating what Wraithguard D-Scythes could do. Eep. But now they can get their due with shiny pictures. Long term readers - and those that followed me over from Pirate Viking Painting where the majority of my Blood Angels lived - will remember that my head-canon for the Blood Angels is a little different to the studio norm. I'm running the 3rd as a classic Tactical Company with occasional BAngel flair. This squad is one of those oddities. They are actually the 6th Tactical squad mounted on bikes in order to be outriders for the armoured column. I always thought they made more sense as a mobile t

Showcase: Mechanised Imperial Guard

It ’ s unclear how it happened but suddenly, I seem to have finished my mechanised guard force. The plan was to make a 25-man mechanised infantry platoon with a tank or two in support. This somehow morphed into a 35-man platoon, some storm troopers, a squadron of tanks, and a super-heavy tank . The whole thing has a power level of 115. Oops. To draw a line under said project, this post has some pictures of the whole thing, plus the models I ’ ve added since my last post. First up is the tank I ’ ve wanted ever since I first faced an enemy super-heavy: the shadowsword. I ’ ve yet to use it in a game, as I can ’ t bring myself to deploy it in a regular-sized battle. I strongly suspect it ’ ll get borked  – anything capable of one-shotting a land raider may as well have a giant bullseye painted on it – but who cares? Not me, for I now own the finest self-propelled phallic metaphor. In case you ’ re wondering, yes, the aerial is magnetised such that it ’ ll pop

Iyanden Craftworld vs Blood Angels photo gallery

Hi folks, recently Em and I got the chance to throw down (I don't get to play her nearly enough) and busted out our respective Iyanden Eldar and my Blood Angels. Thinking that the yellow vs the red would make for an attractive game I brought my camera. Here's the results. Enjoy! Blood Angels deploy amongst the gantries. Iyanden take the township and seemingly hunker down and prepare to repel borders Lovely windrider jetbikes, first time I'd seen them in the flesh. So much better than last edition Em's shiny new fire prism sneaks in to take aim at my blameless tanks. The Dark Reapers lock and load atop the tower. Blood Angels bikers, acting as outriders for the tanks advance on the flank. The Fire Prism advances up the ramp to get up the right angle. Seconds later a Razorback was aflame. Guardians spot the incoming bikers and ask the Wraithguard to deal with it. The Wraithguard round the corner and ready their D-Scythes...

Kairic Acolytes

Welcome to another edition of Maisey doesn't stick to the damn plan. In this episode Maisey abandons his plans to get the last of his unfinished undead models complete before starting anything new.  Maisey will now stop talking in the third person.  Yep, I totally stopped working on the last of the skeleton units. In fairness I was trying to do a batch of 68 skeletons and a character. Which is a pretty large batch of models (unless you play Skaven). Once I had finished painting the skeletons I took a pause before beginning the basing, which was a fatal mistake.  At some point during this pause someone made the decision to start talking about doing a narrative PVP 40k campaign. This campaign would see the Thousand Sons, Craftworld Iyanden, and the Imperial Guard thrown together in a 'yet to be revealed to the players' situation. So I got a little excited and tore into the box of Kairic Acolytes that I had been saving for later. Kairic Acolytes? Yes

The Chittering Horde

Hello again, and welcome to an army showcase for my Skaven. I've written it in two parts. Part one will consist of rambling, mostly inspired by Maisey’s discourse about why we do what we do . Part two will be the actual point of this post – which is for me to show some rats.     Part One - What makes you tick?  In the last blog post, Maisey examined what it was that made him go down the hobby routes that he did, which got me thinking about the hobby choices I’ve made. So I thought I'd pontificate on this for a bit. I have two armies; Skaven for Warhamster and Orks for 40K. In both cases, I started small with the intention of creating a defined nuclear army and then got totally carried away. My time is limited , so it is likely that I will stick with these two armies for the foreseeable future. What was it that made me go mad on just one army for each system? Well its not that Skaven and Orks are the only armies I would ever consider