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Modular Urban Board Project Log 7: All Roads Lead to Foam

Roads present terrain makers with a series of challenges and compromises. In today's post, I'm going to talk about how I made some road sections for my ongoing modular 40K cityfight board, and which compromises I made. Regular readers may feel like it's been a while since I last produced any of the board sections for this project, and they'd be right - to the tune of several years! This is a project I'm getting back into after resolving my indecision over how to paint the Sanctum Administratus . But at last, I've got something I always felt was lacking from my terrain collection ever since I got into wargaming in the 90s: roads. They're boring, they're ubiquitous, and you really feel the lack of them. At last, roads.

Contenders, ready! Gladiators, ready!

Just a quick post this week, and this is largely a public service announcement for budding Space Marine commanders suffering from indecision.  In brief, the Gladiator tank can be built to swap between all loadouts without magnets. I can’t claim credit for working this out myself, there are lots of other posts about this floating around the internet, but when I shared mine with fellow bunkerites none of them knew about it so we felt it was worth passing the word along.   The key is to not glue in the base plates of the turret or the side sponsons.  Once they are undercoated, the paint will fill that gap nicely and the friction will hold them in place.  It’s as simple as that.  The Valiant and Reaper sponson options are simply not glued onto the peg, and again once sprayed friction will hold it in place whilst still allowing you to pull it apart. The one option you can’t swap without using magnets is the storm bolter or grenades on the Lancer/Impulsor sponson.  It wouldn’t be too hard to

Primaris Whirlwind Conversion

This brief post is about how to get a Whirlwind that looks at home in an army of Primaris Space Marines.  I'm not the first person to do this, but I am now a person who's done it, so here you are. The Whirlwind tank has had a long career in the Space Marines range, and while its effectiveness has varied over the last 30+ years, I've always liked the idea of an elite infantry army being supported by self-propelled light artillery. It fills a niche in the roster that no other Astartes unit quite fulfills. Besides, I'm playing Space Romans. Having a space catapult is a good addition to the Bit. Hoverwind? No. Hmm. Flywind? No. Wait... Floaty McFloatface? While I love the Rhino chassis, it doesn't make much sense to use a tracked vehicle when all my other tanks are grav tanks able to handle any terrain. Enter the Gladiator chassis. With a pair of storm bolters on the sponsons, you don't even have to fudge legal weapon options. Better yet, the Primaris range's tu

Inceptor Inception

As I settle in to write yet another “Tom doesn’t like GW’s design so he fixes it” I feel I have to point out that I really do like most of the new Primaris range.  The core armour designs are excellent and the vehicles are (mostly) great.  They just occasionally have a tendency to stick something pretty derpy on top of that excellent core, and I feel the urge to replace it with something less dumb. Image Credit: Games Workshop, used without permission for illustrative purposes only. Inceptors were some of the very earliest of these derpy designs.  Modelling them in a more upright pose certainly helps with the “floating baby” look, but those stupidly large pistols…  I just can’t get past them.  They’re so massively front heavy, and why a pair of jumbo pistols instead of a sensible weapon?  So I just ignored them. But they kept niggling at me, because they’re a very cool concept that is extremely on-brand for Raven Guard.  A highly mobile jump pack unit that can be dropped from orbit to