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Total War: Warhammer 2 review

Charlie:  What a coincidence.  Total War: Warhammer II comes out, and I go suspiciously quiet for a month. When the first Total Warhammer came out it re-lit my enthusiasm for Fantasy Battle and made me paint more Empire soldiers , which was no mean feat given the funk Age of Squigmar left me in. Total Warhammer II has done it again; it even made me get out my dusty case of dark elves and think seriously about renovating them. Despite there having been more than enough reviews of the game by now, I feel compelled to throw my own hat in the ring, even though the fine folk at Creative Assembly will almost certainly never read this. Since the main thing I have to offer as a reviewer is being a long-time Fantasy Battle player, I'm going to answer these basic questions: Is it a faithful recreation of the Old World? What have they changed/added compared to Total Warhammer 1? Is it worth buying, given how recently we had the first game? Faithfulness to the setting So, firstly,

Progress Reports and Confessions

Maisey: 2017 was going to be year of finishing things. For the most part that has been true. Looking back at my to do list from the beginning of the year and this is what I have actually managed to get done. Orge Scrap Launcher. DONE Bolt Action German veteran Grenadiers. DONE Frost Grave warband, board, and scenery. DONE Tabletop world buildings. DONE Charlie’s Storm Eagle. DONE Desert board scenery. DONE Industrial scenery. DONE Thousand Sons. DONE + More What is still left over from that list? Vampire Counts - This was meant to be a tidy up and finishing thing. Sorting out all those little bits and bobs. I’ve not actually started anything here, in fact I totally failed and ended up buying some more models. In my defence, I picked them up off a friend and it was a time limited offer, so I jumped on it. Also, we’ve not actually been playing fantasy at all, so if something is going to get bumped down the priority list it’s going to be the thing that isn’t being played. Em