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Why do we do what we do?

... or a short essay on my motivations for starting a collection. A little while ago Em restarted her long abandoned pending Wood Elf project. For the last few weeks the army book has been laying around the house, and an increasing number of plastic tree-like bits have been spreading across our hobby space. During a painting binge one evening (I'm currently attempting to paint 70 skeletons in a single batch and incidentally is the main reason why I don't have anything new to show you all) I innocently said... "I really like the Wood Elf models, but I wouldn't collect any" To which Em said... "Well, what does make you want to collect something?" I was instantly plunged into a massive existential conundrum focused around why I make the hobby choices that I do. I think I might have replied at the time with something along the lines of 'erm... the blue one's?!'. I didn't draw this, Charle M Schulz did. This is his work that I&#

Ultra-basic vehicle weathering tips

Warhammer 40K's eighth edition still has me gripped firmly by the Jacobs , so I've been farting through Astra Militarum Imperial Guard units like a champ. The thing about Imperial Guard armies is that they tend toward the numerous, so as previous posts have explained, the main objective for this army is that they should be quick and easy to paint . At a friend's request, I'm going to go over how I weather my tanks. This is basic stuff, so if you're after something more advanced, I suggest you read Mark's post on the subject . Now, here's one I prepared earlier: Capt. Dewi Kusuma's Executioner, No. 2 squadron's command tank. Like I say, basic. It's never going to win an award, but it can sit on a table without me wanting to report myself to the commissar. Here's how it's done... Step one: basecoat Seriously, just flat colours. The lenses/periscopes etc will get done post-weathering. I did use a wash on the tarpaulin and the he

Think Pink

This week I have mostly been painting pink. Lots of pink. So much so that my paint palette looks like Barbie has killed and skinned a Unicorn on it (Unicorns have pink blood right?). This isn't because of some weird gender reveal plot for a baby we don't have (and not planning to have). No, this is because I managed to acquire yet more minions for my growing Tzeentch Chaos army. What self respecting Sorcerer wouldn't have mastered the art of summoning demons out of the warp? Not mine that's for sure. I do have to admit that my paint collection is very limited in the number of pinks it contains. So limited that I didn't have any . Not knowing the paint range very well I simply ordered most of them and set about learning how to paint pink. My first comment on this is that it's hard. Not hard as in technically hard like trying to play Bach on the spoons, but hard like pushing a rock up a hill, repeatedly. I did try a simple basecoat/w

Loyalty For Hire

This week I've managed to get finished a few extra henchmen for my Frost Grave war band. As you progress in Frost Grave you are able to hire additional minions to help with either finding of new treasures and artifacts or to fend off other wizards and their war bands. For my additions we have some hapless adventurers who are only in it for the money.   First up we have a Ranger. She's the nice outdoorsy type and enjoys walks in the woods, archery, and rustic haberdashery. Rangers have a good mix of speed, improved health, and ranged abilities.     Next we have added a thief to the war band. He/She (I honestly can't tell the gender from the model) is a fully paid up member of the thieves guild, and thus is contractually obliged to wear nothing but black. Thieves are slightly faster than you average pleb, but they don't have much more going for them. Their main advantage is they are cheap to hire.  Last but no means least we ha