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Workbench: Dwarven Shield-fence

Greetings fellow bunker dwellers. I thought I would share with you one of the first fruits of my work with my Dwarf army. Eagle-eyed readers from my previous post will have noticed that the thunderer unit are equipped with shields. Trouble is that the models I am using do not support shields and they always look stupid glued to their backs without the proper strapping. I needed a solution, read on and see if you can guess what I'm up to before I get there! Step one was breaking out my trusty Chopper II and cutting nine lengths of plastic rod at a cm long. The chopper helps here because the cuts are at precisely the same length and perfectly perpendicular. I glued the rods to the rim of the movement tray (I texture all of my movement trays to help them blend with a table). I used the gaps between bases to give a guide as to regular placement. Once all the vertical rods were in place I used the 60° mitre on the Chopper to create angled braces for the end uprights. A st

Giving apocalyptic battles a story

There’s a bunch of stuff that has to be sorted out whenever you want to play a game of Warhammer 40K Apocalypse : your friends all getting the same day off work, transport, a venue, and Ork-glyph-themed cupcakes (you’re the best, Mark). The thing is, the wargaming demographic crosses over quite extensively with the I couldn’t organise my way out of a wet paper bag even if you gave me the Jaws of Life demographic. Concordantly, amongst all that last-minute faffing, there’s one thing which is often left behind. That thing is a narrative. So, when myself and three of my fellow Beard Bunkerettes* decided to head up to Warhammer World for Nerd Thunder III (our third annual game of Apocalypse ) we needed a narrative. To my mind, the constituent components of a game’s narrative are as follows: The armies being used The battlefield being used The overall narrative concept (Last stand? Planetary assault? Hold the line?) The armies were Blood Angels and White Hands

A Meeting of Butterfly Brains Anonymous

 We all sit in a circle, dodgey coffee in plastic cups. I stand: "Hi, I'm Jeff and I've got a Butterfly Brain." We all chorus "Hi Jeff" and I get to the confessionals part: Yeah, as you might have guessed there's trouble in them thar hills. Sadly I have made no progress whatsoever on my Nurgle Chaos at all. Not a sausage, nada. This got me to thinking why recently, as diagnosing the underlying causes of "project flitting syndrome" can help you avoid it in the future. Here's what I think are the problems with my Chaos army at present: They take forever to assemble. Oh dear god do they take forever. The corroded armour is lovely and I adore the effect but it needs a huge amount of work to achieve before paint is even applied. While the army is small in number the slow progress is incredibly frustrating. As a coda to part 1, I like the army concept too much to cut corners and rush it but I want to make progress, it's satisfyi

Back in Tanks!

  Oi, is that action compliant with EC framework directive 2008/98/EC? So, Hi. Yeah it has been a while… (awkward silence)   I bet you’re all wondering how my Skaven are getting on then? What magical ratty delights are on offer? Ready? A ferocious horde of er, Skaven? Now… The observant amongst you may have noticed that those weren’t *exactly* Warhammer Skaven; and were in fact a huge bunch of 40K Orks and some vehicles. This pretty much directly contradicts what I said in my previous post – about how I was going to do less Orky stuff and more ratty stuff. If I have an excuse (and I really don’t have a good one) it’s that the sort-of-annual ish Nerd Thunder has come round again, and it is very nearly time for the denizens of the Beard Bunker to head up to Warhammer World and play with lots of our toys all at once. It’ll be a bit like the Famous Five, but with more shouting; more dice; more beards; there won’t be five of us