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Campaign Week: part two

In the  last post  we showed you the Warhammer Fantasy armies we’ve been building over the last year. Today we’ll explain the minimalist way our campaign works, along with the setting and the major characters. How doth this campaign bizznatch work? Being a bunch of fluffy narrative-hungry types, the only things we needed to start the campaign were a map and a story. There are no rules or campaign turns. Each faction has its own objectives, and these aren’t mutually exclusive, so it’s theoretically possible that everyone could win. When two (or more) players decide to play a game, they’ll chat about what their characters are trying to achieve, and set up a battle that will allow them to try and achieve it. This means that games can be skirmishes, battles, or even a short roleplay session if the story would be better furthered by investigation rather than open conflict. It’s all done with a co-operative spirit. When we fight battles, we fight to win, but the campaign itself

Campaign Week: part one

It's been over a year since the Beard Bunkerettes embarked on their quest for glory . Finally, unavoidably, the finish line is here. Five gamers had a year to build themselves a 2,000 point army, and some of them have met with success. One of them has met with a wheelbarrow full of humble pie. Below, then, are the five armies we're going to be feeding into the mincing machine that is the Beard Bunker's Hochland campaign: Emma's Warriors of Chaos Army Emma: As a life-long 'good-gal' when it comes to choosing the light or the dark side, I surprised myself by choosing Chaos Warriors as a first army as opposed to fancy elves or noble Bretonnians. Do I regret it now? Hell NO! I now have a grimy, sweaty horde of rapers and pillagers and I love them all as only a mother could. Rediscovering my love of painting (long-neglected after my last A-level art class) has been the major plus.  A little harder was engaging in the gaming side but even this is growing on me