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Campaign Week: part one

It's been over a year since the Beard Bunkerettes embarked on their quest for glory. Finally, unavoidably, the finish line is here. Five gamers had a year to build themselves a 2,000 point army, and some of them have met with success. One of them has met with a wheelbarrow full of humble pie. Below, then, are the five armies we're going to be feeding into the mincing machine that is the Beard Bunker's Hochland campaign:

Emma's Warriors of Chaos Army

Emma: As a life-long 'good-gal' when it comes to choosing the light or the dark side, I surprised myself by choosing Chaos Warriors as a first army as opposed to fancy elves or noble Bretonnians. Do I regret it now? Hell NO! I now have a grimy, sweaty horde of rapers and pillagers and I love them all as only a mother could. Rediscovering my love of painting (long-neglected after my last A-level art class) has been the major plus.  A little harder was engaging in the gaming side but even this is growing on me now, especially when a deliciously meaty storyline is involved (see campaign description!) 

Jeff: For reasons I cannot fathom, Emma doesn't think these are all that good. I respectfully disagree and remind everyone that this is her FIRST army painting project! I know people who've been painting a decade longer that aren't up to her standards!

Maisey: I've always loved the blues and golds of Tzeetch. It's a pretty army but so very scared of those knights.

Mark: This is a solid-looking and prettily painted army. Emma, you should be justifiably proud of this. Doubtless, they'll be picking bits of rat of their axes all the way across the Drakwald Forest.

Charlie: The tips of her knights' lances are bigger than my men. Oh gods.

Jeff's Dwarf Army: The Stormbourne Host.
Well huzzah! In June I decided to take a screeching left turn from Nurgle Chaos to Dwarfs, this was just not a smart move considering I wanted to paint the army within the year. With a fairly massive task ahead I had sort of given up getting all of these little chaps finished by the start of the campaign. Then my normal painting speed happened! This is 3000 points of Dwarfs and just in time too, I had started to feel the terrible pull of Dwarf Fatigue toward the end. Really looking forward to busting out all 3k of them in battle now!

Maisey: Beards! In the Bunker!

Em: Mmm Dwarves - now with sex appeal thanks to Richard Armitage... and the epic beards, obviously.

Charlie: I love the concept behind Dwarfs; their imagery and their character are both deeply charming, but the current model range just doesn't consistently do it for me. As the proud owner of every Dwarf model ever, Jeff has made the army I always picture when I imagine a Dwarfen throng, and it warms the cockles of my wossnames.
Charlie's Hochland Empire Army

Charlie: Pie is delicious, unless it's made of humble. I still have 25 state troops and 12 flagellants to paint. Lame. To be more upbeat, I'm happy with the bits I have done, and I did at least manage 84% of the target.  GO ME.

Jeff: Well, quality over quantity has always been the Charlie way...
Em: How much time did you spend sculpting Amelia's lady lumps??
Maisey: Small but nicely formed...
Charlie: Your collective mums.
Mark. Fond of some of the space filling elements in the army - particularly the blessing in the large unit of gunners.
Charlie: Ta.

Maisey's Vampire Counts Army: The Host of the Brothers De Crécy

Maisey: I've not made as much progress towards the end of year as I hoped. I got decidedly distracted by my 40k project. I will have more time, and enthusiasm to get the last few units finished off to push me well over the 3000 points mark. Still needs more Zombies. 

Jeff: Damn this thing is huge. There are more zombies alone on this table than there are Dwarfs in my entire army. Intimidating is not the word.
Em: Depressing to think that my guys will have to kill most of these at least twice...
Charlie: Brains brains brains. Brains brains. Brains.

Mark's Skaven Army: Clan Voltik

Mark: In my mind, the majority of any army (including 40K) should be made up of the rank and file troops with the specialist units acting to support and assist the troops. Armies that rely on the special stuff to get the job done don't interest me so much. To that end, Clan Voltik consists largely of Skavenslaves and clan rats. This will prove to be useful later on, as adding additional fancy stuff (catapults, cannons, etc) should not overbalance the army.

The only thing of any real note are the 10 wolf rats which are (strictly speaking) summoned monsters. I intend to use use them as part of my standard army in the 'Special' or 'Rare' support slots.

Jeff: I love Skaven, they're one of those armies I've always contemplated and never executed. Mark's done a good job of bringing the "horde o'rats" to the table.

Maisey: Looking forward to watching these guys explode themselves and running away!

Charlie: The skavenslave units including non-skaven slaves are a thing of utter beauty.

Em: Squeak!!

So concludes the first Campaign Week post from the Bunker. Our intention is to post several times this week; tomorrow, we'll explain how we're going about playing a co-operative narrative campaign, and what's happened so far.


  1. Wow congrats to everyone who in their own way has created something to be proud of! Also for a first army those chaos look exception!

    Good luck with the campaign guys! May the dice gods bless you!


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