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Banebeasts Chimaera

Hello and welcome to my first and last commission job. Approximately ages ago, my mate Nick decided he wanted the Banebeasts "Chimaera". He really, really wanted it. And then he asked if I’d be willing to paint it. For money. Me: And you want me to paint it, like, nicely? Nick: That’s kindof the point, yes. Me: Judging by the photo on the website, it looks quite big. Nick: Yep. Me: It might take me a while. Nick: Sure. Me: A long while. Nick: OK. Me: Which means commissioning it might cost a fair bit. I quoted Nick a big number that would have me working for over 70 hours at a low wage. I figured at this point Nick would give up and let me go back to having no money ever. Nick: Can I pay in instalments? Clearly I hadn’t appreciated quite how much Nick wanted this model. Also, I suspect Nick didn’t realise quite how long it’d take me to finish. Admittedly this is more because I’m a dreadful person to hire as a painter, since my brai

A modern major general

For reasons that will become readily apparent in the next campaign update, I recently found myself in need of a new general for my Hochland army. Whilst plans are still afoot for Hochland’s Elector Count on a griffon, I also wanted someone a bit less points-heavy. More specifically, I wanted a general on foot who could sit in the middle of the battle line (where his leadership bonus would be, you know, relevant). Thus, without further preamble, I give you General Rikarht von Haas: Rikarht’s been serving as the captain of the Tussenhof city watch. As much as he’s respected in the city, the most dangerous situations he’s dealt with involve gangs of hungry refugees looting the Tussenhof markets. Being an officer of noble birth, he’s well-schooled in matters of strategy, but he’s got no front line experience; he knows full well that the only reason he’s been given the job is that there’s no-one else left. The conversion work on the model was relatively limited. The origina

Top Quality Advertainment!

This is a shameless plug post. I make no apologies for it. I recently had the pleasure of finding a new independent games shop in Middlesbrough: Asgard Wargames. I'm a big fan of businesses setting up in town/city centres – I think that towns should be places for people to go and interact and do all those human things that just don’t really, well, work in retail parks or on the internet. Anyhow, I found out about Asgard from the Faeit 212 blog. (If you’re a wargamey person and haven’t come across Faeit 212 here it is: ) Faeit 212 runs a ‘blog exchange’ and one of their chosen blogs was about starting up a games store. Imagine my astonishment to discover that this little Indy start-up was in my very own Middlesbrough. I work nearby so the very same day, I waved goodbye to the circus and popped down town.  Gilkes Street's Premier Wargame Supplier The owner greeted me, he was a thoroughly pleasant and engaging chap,

What goes whurr, chop, clank, zzap chop, clank, squeak?

A rat on a steam powered death machine (Natch). A bit like this one: The Skaven Doom-flayer* (* another classic Citadel ‘lottery of grimdark’ name) Now, there’s nothing wrong with this model, apart from it looks a bit like the late and demented Dwarf Deathroller from Bloodbowl. But... I think of the Doom-flayer as something that the rat has to sit in and carefully operate, rather than stand on and ride - more like a steam train than a cross between a lawnmower and a Segway. So I had a little think, looked at the available ratty kits and decided that I could make a better (or at least, different) one from parts of the Doomwheel kit. Hopefully mine would look more suited to the battlefields of the old world than a crown green bowls field. Although this seems hopelessly extravagant; (the Doomwheel kit costs £5.00 more than the Grinder) there are a number of advantages: 1. It means I don’t have to work with Finecast 2. I get to make a thing unique to my ar

It's a Bomma! Part 2.

Welcome back to the second instalment of the Blasta Bomma project log It’ll seem like I've made a lot of progress since the last post - I haven’t (sad face). These posts are retrospective and any progress is progress that has happened in the past. At some point, the progress in the past will become (in respect to this point of time) progress that happened in the future. Of course, the future progress will be past (or current) progress when I blog about it. If I report that progress that will happen in the future as if it were progress that occurred in the past; everyone will get confused. Also, I won’t be able to take photos of it unless I invent a tachyon camera. I don’t think I'm very likely to do that, because if I had done so in the future, I should already be receiving photos from it in the past, which is now; well, then.   And I'm not, so I didn't, or won’t. Well, I'm glad that’s all cleared up. In respect of taking pictures: I haven’t done