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The Memoirs of Edythe Hinzer pt1 - Ordo Xenos Inq28

Everyone has those elements of the hobby that are a refreshing favourite. Some bits - no matter how much you want to do them - feel like a chore. Others are just a delight. For me, small warband type things where I can really focus on every individual model as an individual and still play a game at the end. So when I need a bit of a hobby-refresh I tend to reach for this end of the hobby. Inq28 is just perfect for this so despite the fact that I already have an Inq28 warband I just had to plan another. This time it is the warband of one Edythe Hinzer, Ordo Xenos Inquisitor and a bit of a renegade. ...yup, that's more aliens than an Inquisitor should be friends with... I'm going to build the warband up gradually and share them as I finish them each time I need a little pallete cleanser. For each of these I'll talk a little bit about the painting and then introduce the characters as Edythe, her backstory will build up and fill in over these posts. So lets meet these fi

Vanguard of Baal

It's Blood Angel o'clock again baby yeah! One of the major learning points of Operation Orbital Death Fridge (better known as the Salamut IX campaign ) was that while power armour is just plain awesome, it does rather want for something in the sneaking front. Especially when bright red... Also, with the way power levels and troop choice requirements work these days, having some cheap troop choices available would be for the win. Enter stage right some scouts! These are the first of 30 scouts I've got planned in order to have lotsa options - and heck, an entire scout army if I want. They're split into ten snipers, ten boltgun chaps and an assault unit composed of five close combat scouts and these lads and lasses above. These days, the Astartes shotgun is a tasty option and they look kinda badass too. Painting wise, I had a few choices to make. First of all, lets be honest, red is not a terribly stealthy colour so it makes little sense to worry too much about c

Health and Safety in Our Hobby

Health and Safety Huh, What is it Good for?  Many of you will read this with a sense of impending dread. You will associate health and safety with needless form filling, bureaucracy and high visibility jackets and (In the UK at least), the banning of conkers. I work in the field of health and safety, and some of what you read in the papers is garbage and some of it (particularly where councils are concerned) is sadly true. I’ve worked primarily in the steel industry and on major infrastructure projects in the construction industry and in no way was health and safety unnecessary or superfluous in those situations. In the last 40 years, the number of people killed by accidents at work in the UK has fallen from around 650 to 100. This is only the tip of the iceberg, and the serious injury rate has also halved within that time as well. Clearly health and safety is necessary and is (apparently) doing something. Common Sense?  Health and Safety isn’t just abou

Frostgrave Captain

When the time came to add the tenth member of my  Frostgrave*  warband, I was originally planning to get a treasure hunter. I've got a bunch of knights, so something zippier seemed sensible. But then, I learned they had since released the option for captains: a henchman who gains experience and manages your warband. * In case you haven't heard of it, Frostgrave is a skirmish wargame set in the frozen ruins of the treasure-filled city of Felstad, where wizards hire a warband and go looking for swag. It's a nice, straightforward ruleset with surprising depth. It's designed to work best when played as a campaign, with each individual scenario being relatively quick to play. This provided the perfect excuse to pick up a slightly more swanksome chap than the rugged folk who make up my other soldiers. The model itself is Hasslefree Miniatures' Daev ( HFE010 ). It was a thoroughly enjoyable model to paint, and the sculpting of the face honestly astonished me. It